ESO Artisinal Pasta in Morristown to compete in the Great Food Truck Race

Morristown – AJ Sankofa and fiancée Christine Gambrian have seen a lifetime of peaks and valleys since opening ESO Artisinal Pasta in July 2020.

Win or lose—don’t ask them to spoilers—they hope that their upcoming appearance on the 15th season of “The Great Food Truck Race” on the Food Network will provide the kind of push their business needs to succeed.

Sankofa, a longtime Morristown resident, was forced to shut down his high-end fresh pasta business last year after COVID and conflict with business partners.

A GoFundMe campaign that raised more than $20,000 and a black-owned small business grant from the New York Jets Foundation in February boosted their return last year.

But Sankofa and the Gambarian, along with Sankofa’s childhood friend Matt McFadden, have higher expectations of the exposure they’ll get on national television starting with the series’ premiere.

“We are between a peak and a valley,” Sankova said. “Come June 5th, we will be peaking and our plan is as soon as the show comes out we start shipping nationwide so everyone watching can buy the product.”

Tyler Florence, as seen in The Great Food Truck Race, season 15.

The show features teams of chefs flown to California, delivering custom food trucks and being sent on weekly challenges that include surprising ingredients as they try to lure customers in unfamiliar cities.

McFadden’s mother, Machal McFadden, took care of the ESO store on Elm Street while the trio was in California from late February through April 3.

They were pressed for spoilers, but they politely refused.

“We’re supposed to keep it about the experience, not the outcome,” Sankova said.

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