Evermore Pets affirms its commitment to animal welfare

Olivebridge, New York and Oakland, Calif. Women-owned dog food company Evermore Pet Food has announced that it has achieved Global Animal Partnership (GAP) certification for all poultry-based formulas. According to the company, the certification underscores her long-standing dedication to animal welfare.

“We were impressed by Evermore’s drive to work with higher welfare farms simply because it was the right and responsible thing,” said Nancy Rollston, senior director of corporate policy and zoologist at ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare. “By gaining GAP certification, Evrmore offers pet owners the most humane and verifiable option on the market. We are excited to add our chicken pet food products to the ASPCA Heart Store’s list of premium brands dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals.”

Since its founding in 2009, animal welfare, product quality, transparency and accountability have been our top priorities forever. To demonstrate its commitment to animals, the company adopted the Chicken Better Commitment, a policy approved by 10 animal welfare organizations across the United States and Canada, earlier this year, that is based on GAP certification.

Photo courtesy of Evermore Pet Food.

“We do this work because we have a deep love and deep respect for animals, including those raised for food,” said Alison Bloomberg, Evermore co-founder. “We have exclusively sourced GAP certified poultry since 2015 and are so uniquely focused on providing the best and highest quality food possible for social welfare that we have not taken the necessary steps to obtain certification ourselves. Now is the time to officially join the GAP program and work together to raise awareness and make change happen. “.

GAP certification helps enable continuous improvements in the care of farmed animals using species-specific standards. To ensure compliance with GAP, third party validators audit each chicken farm every 15 months.

“We are very pleased that Evrmore is taking this step to demonstrate its commitment to animal welfare,” said Diane McDaid, director of business development at GAP. “We are excited to partner with them to support farms that are committed to animal welfare and give more choices to consumers who care for their pets and animals in general.”

Evermore offers gently cooked, human-friendly pet food products, including fresh/frozen formulations. According to the company, it is one of the first pet food companies to manufacture fresh/frozen pet food.

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