Feedwell Dog Food contest to celebrate 60 years in business

They are distributing 60 bags of dog food to the most nominated and independent dog shelter, sanctuary or rescue across the island of Ireland.

Feedwell is one of the brands you can trust to manufacture the best balanced and complete meal for dogs of all breeds and activity levels right here in Northern Ireland.

We all want the best for our dogs, none more so than in the Clegg family. For 60 years this family run company has been manufacturing an excellent range of whole food products for dogs in Northern Ireland.

Feedwell Dog Food is celebrating 60 years in business and to celebrate it is announcing an amazing contest.

In 1962, James Clegg founded the company with a clear desire to create a family of products that offered high-quality, affordable nutrition for all types of dogs. Feedwell was the first company on the island of Ireland to manufacture fully extruded dog food nuggets and, 60 years later, remains the only on-site manufacturer of dog nuts in Northern Ireland.

Today, Viduel is led by the third generation, Jimmy & Vicki, James’s grandson and granddaughter.

“Even after 60 years, the core values ​​of the business remain, which is to provide the best quality food at prices our customers can afford,” said Jamie. “Our recent investment in a state-of-the-art production line ensures efficiency, top-of-the-line quality control, and most importantly, an excellent, nutritious product for our customer base.” ever-growing pets.

Over the years, Feedwell has developed seven ranges of dog food, making sure they have a product that meets the needs of every type of dog. Feedwell is suitable for all dog breeds, whether you have a puppy, a family pet, or a working dog who needs to perform day in and day out, Feedwell has a product to fit your dog’s needs.

Jamie Clegg checks wet extruded pellets on their way to the drying room.

The company’s roots in the country lifestyle have also contributed to the quality of the dog food range.

Jamie explained: “As a home-grown business, many of our customers own working dogs on farms, and as a result, we have developed a number of products that are nutritionally geared towards working and sporting dogs, as our customers need dog food formulated to ensure optimal performance throughout the day. In fact, We are widely known as “The Professional’s Choice.”

While congratulating Feedwell on the 60th anniversary, Jamie said: “We have the best customers and to each and every one of you, we want to say ‘thank you so much.'”

“We continue to improve our products because of our customers’ loyalty to us and we are so grateful. We are a family of dog lovers, passionate about what we do, and constantly thinking about how we can constantly improve our products and services to serve you in the best way possible.”

In 1962, James Clegg founded the company with a clear desire to create a family of products that offered high-quality, affordable nutrition for all types of dogs.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Feedwell is giving away 60 bags of dog food to say thank you, not just to its customers, but to show support for animal sanctuaries, shelters and rescues across Ireland. To enter is super simple, go to Feedwell Dog Food’s Facebook (@feedwell1962) or Instagram page (@feedwell_dogfood) to nominate your favorite sanctuary, sanctuary or rescue and the four with the most votes get amazing prizes.

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