Find food from a local farm near you: Southern Colorado Food Guide

Southern Colorado Stocking your kitchen from local farms and farms is one of the best ways to support your community. But finding fresh food grown near you can be a challenge.

The new Local Food Guide is making it easier to eat better and support local food. It’s a comprehensive regional guide to local food producers throughout southern Colorado.

From Salida to Rocky Ford, The Free Guide is a one-stop shop for discovering farmers, ranchers, and farmers markets where community members can shop directly for in-season produce. It also includes recipes, an overview of the history of farming in our area, a self-guided bike tour, and product profiles.

They will have vegetables, meat, eggs, milk and honey. They have everything you need to be a healthy person. “But he also keeps the money in the community,” said Will Frost, a farm manager for the Frost Livestock Company.

Frost Livestock Co. is one of many local farms and ranches highlighted in the guide.

“We run CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s basically just a farm stake. So every week we harvest Saturdays, and then you can come pick that up Saturday morning until afternoon,” Frost said.

The Palmer Land Conservancy, a leading regional land conservation company, has launched the Local Food Guide, the first of its kind here in the region.

“And that’s really important for farmers like us who don’t have the time to run our own PR or advertising campaigns, so these kinds of guides and these kinds of organizations are the people who support us,” Frost said.

We saw empty shelves in grocery stores. Dillon O’Hare, of the Palmer Land Conservancy, said for the first time how supply chain disruptions can lead to things like baby formula shortages.

The new Local Food Guide is an important piece of the food security puzzle that helps connect people to their local food resources and strengthen and strengthen relationships between community members and agricultural producers in the area. Local and direct purchasing enhances individual and family health—the local economy, the community, and the bonds.

“We literally buy us food that is healthier and better for the environment. So when you think of efficient ways to spend your money, spending a dollar on local food is a way to make a profit for the environment and the health of your family and communities,” O’Hare said.

“We all, all the people who do this kind of farming, try to do something better for the community,” Frost said.

The locations where you can get the guide can be found in Colorado Springs, Canon City, and Pueblo at, along with a downloadable copy. It will also be available at these upcoming events:

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