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The Philippines has become one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets globally, with 73 million active e-commerce users and online sales reaching $17 billion in 2021. To take advantage of this opportunity and secure a strong foothold in the digital shopping space, brands need Philippine business to two important elements keys to success in the field of e-commerce: an accurate and growing understanding of changing digital customers, as well as strong business flexibility that helps them adapt to the demands of the times. That was the conclusion reached at a recent Etail Insider roundtable, where retailers and digital market leaders discussed e-commerce trends, market insights, and ways to meet evolving consumer needs.

ITELY is holding its first ITEL Insider event to discuss the latest trends, topics and advice on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the e-commerce scene. (From left) Joy Ermita Benvenida, Senior Category Manager, FMCG, Lazada; Jonah Opel, Director of Global E-Commerce SEA Philippines Leading Acquisitions and Incubations, TikTok Shop; Nina Dizon Cabrera, CEO, Colorette Cosmetics; Alexander Friedhof, CEO and Co-Founder of Etaily; Alexandra Garcia, Director, Etiele FMCG and FMCG; Alexander Lim, chief innovation officer and general manager of Pet Food, Century Pacific Food Inc.

Alexander Friedhoff, CEO and co-founder of e-commerce enabler etaily, pointed to two “key areas” that could prime the brand to thrive in the post-pandemic digital age. The first is “Build the trust of new consumers, and once you build trust and loyalty, you always will.” The second is investing in a “multi-location, technology-enabled, and more efficient supply chain” that can accurately track customer orders in real time, deliver them quickly and securely, and study and anticipate their future needs through data analytics.

Flexibility in e-commerce is now made possible with “a full range of capabilities to further assist brands in their e-retail journey,” Friedhoff continued. These new types of operations, which are technically enabled and optimized for the supply chain, also solve the biggest problems of online consumer goods: high volume and low margins. For example, “multi-warehouse solutions reduce lead times, lower delivery costs, and improve the order-to-cash cycle,” he added.

Reach the right audience

Alexander Lim, head of innovation and general manager of pet food at Century Pacific, attributed the success of his first digital brand to investing a lot of time in getting to know customers online. He was assigned to head the new pet food brand of Century Pacific Food, Inc. , Goodest, admitted that e-commerce was a “new frontier” after working in consumer goods for ten years. “Know your region and your client if you want to succeed in the digital frontier,” he said. “We went 100% digital and tried things Century didn’t do,” Lim said. Because of that, it was important for us to have partners like etaily. We learned a lot from them in such a short time. One of etaily’s big contributions has been managing our digital assets, and making sure our online presence was seamless. ”

Change in paradigm shift pays off; Just three months later, Goodest ranked in the top five of the most popular digital marketplaces: No. 3 in Shopee Pet Care, No. 5 in Lazada Pet Food despite being in a hard-to-crack market.

As Lim summed up his realization, “Consumer goods know how to make a good product and do good marketing, but we need digital knowledge.”

This makes etaily services useful in opening up new areas in the digital commerce landscape.

Looking back, Colorette Cosmetics CEO Nina Dizon Cabrera said that without funding or e-commerce evidence to guide them through its inception, the brand relied heavily on social media and “the power of content” to influence its audience. Now it is one of the top brands of TikTok Shop, a popular under-app digital shopping platform.

Cabrera also enumerated the three things that have always been present in her content: “Inclusivity: I wanted a makeup brand to be made for Filipinos by Filipinos. Advocacy: People support brands that believe in the same things they do. Community: It should be in everything you do.”

digital markets

Joy Ermita Benvenida, Senior Director of FMCG Category at leading digital marketplace Lazada, highlighted the post-pandemic customer trend that FMCG companies should be paying attention to: “E-commerce is ingrained in our daily lives and is here to stay. The important thing now is to impart experience. From offline to online. The reopening economy has also seen the popular beauty category gain more traction. Bienvenida says, “We’re seeing demand for beauty products because we’re seeing more people than before.”

Jonah Ople, Head of Global E-Commerce SEA Philippines at TikTok Shop, added that brands should pay attention to “the change of guard in customers: Generation Zs who need to resonate with your brand.” TikTok creatives can amplify the brand message because they encourage Gen Z to “share, review and create interesting videos about your product.”

Alexandra Garcia, Director of etaily FMCG, gave an overview of the e-commerce landscape: “Most FMCG brands are still in the founding phase of their e-commerce channel, building their understanding and knowledge – but the demand is already there. Buying online, companies realize they don’t have their own e-commerce capabilities, and they have to double the time to get the result they want. They also realize they need experts, and that’s where etaily comes in.”

The Etail Insider FMCG Roundtable Discussion was the first of a series of ecommerce posts hosted by etaily. It fulfills etaily’s mission of providing Filipino retailers with the business flexibility and competitive advantage needed to succeed in the local and regional markets. For more information, visit

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