Five puppies died, four hospitalized because owner left pets in backyard in sweltering heat – Texas

After being abandoned in a Texas backyard in the sweltering heat, five dogs died and four more had to be taken to the hospital immediately.

According to a local news source, Fox 26 Houston, on Wednesday, authorities discovered the dogs, including her mother, and eight dogs, in various stages of heat distress in a backyard in West Houston. The date of the incident was mentioned in the report.

Because of these conditions, three of the puppies and their mother were taken to the SPCA Houston Animal Medical Center, where five of the puppies have already died.

Adam Reynolds, chief of animal cruelty at the Houston SPCA, told Fox 26 Houston that for those who don’t check their outdoor pets frequently, the situation can quickly turn fatal. It is against state law to let a pet live alone in this scorching heat.

Pet care during hot weather

With the expected temperature rising above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a sweltering heat warning for some areas on Wednesday. This is just one of the state’s many recent heat warnings.

The NWS warned that people without conditioners could get sick from the heat and suggested they drink plenty of water, limit their outdoor activity, and keep an eye on loved ones and pets.

The five dog deaths listed above weren’t the only cases where pets died this summer as a result of the heat.

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After two dogs died from heat stress in northwest Houston as well as southeast Houston in June, the nonprofit animal rescue Houston SPCA released a press release. To be sure, both animals were abandoned outside in the “scorching heat”. Basic needs such as water, food and shade were not provided to them. Investigations into incidents of possible cruelty to animals are still ongoing.

At the time, the Houston SPCA reported that in the previous seven days, it had also investigated three additional heat-related deaths and responded to 24 heat-related calls.

According to the group, Rescue and Conservation is sending an urgent reminder to pet owners because it is unfortunate to expect more calls of this kind, Newsweek reports.

The group emphasized how important it is for pet owners to bring their animals indoors during extremely hot temperatures. They further stated that during the hottest part of the day, people should be vigilant and aware of where their pets are. Owners are advised to check their pets frequently because, as the sun moves, the shade may not be enough. When it’s hot outside, the water can evaporate, and pets can knock on water bowls and dry themselves. Regular monitoring should be done for this as well.

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