Florida man accused of starving dogs drinks detergent to avoid going to jail

Joseph Farkas is accused of starving two dogs to the brink of death. Mugshot is courtesy of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

The Brevard County sheriff said he would like to put a man under the jail instead of inside after deputies discovered two emaciated dogs lying paralyzed next to an unopened bag of dog food inside man’s house interior.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey says investigators went to Joseph Farkas’ home in early September after a concerned citizen called because they were worried about his dogs, Katie and Darcy.

Deputies said the dogs were emaciated and paralyzed when they arrived.

Ivey said investigators had to transport the dogs out of the home for emergency response and medical treatment.

“Their conditions were so horrific that Katie had been paralyzed on the residence floor for several days and lay in pools of her own urine. If that wasn’t enough, our team determined that Katie had suffered urine burns. after laying eggs in her own urine and not being able to escape safely or even change her position.”

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Ivey said Darcy was in worse shape. She suffered from a skin condition and total emaciation.

“Darcy was actually suffering from paralysis due to Farkas’ intentional neglect and lack of compassion…Essentially Darcy’s organs were shutting down. Her heart was unable to circulate blood and she was only days away from death when another human showed up. All of this was medically determined to be caused by severe starvation.

One of the rescued dogs gets wiped clean.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a man they believe nearly starved two dogs on purpose.

When the dogs were rescued, Katie weighed just 38 pounds and Darcy weighed just 31.6 pounds. Vets say Katie should have weighed around 50 pounds and Darcy should have weighed around 45.

Ivey said a sealed bag of dog food was leaning against the wall, directly in view of the dogs. Investigators said he had been there for about a month.

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“What kind of sick, demented, cruel person does this to a helpless animal? Our vets believe that the unopened bag of dog food being in direct view of Katie and Darcy has in fact inflicted further suffering of anguish and of mental torment on top of the physical suffering they were already experiencing,” Ivey said.

“There is no doubt that Farkas intentionally starved these pups to death and he showed no remorse when he told investigators he didn’t think his dogs needed help.”

Rescued dog lying on a hardwood floor.

One of the rescued dogs has been adopted and the other is expected to be adopted soon.

Ivey said when deputies returned to the house to arrest Farkas, he refused to answer the door and drank liquid detergent to avoid going to jail because he knew he would need medical attention.

“Our team broke down your door long before you could drink enough detergent to harm yourself, so you went to jail…Trust me, you deserve to be in jail, but since the law only allows me to put you in, that’s going to have to do.”

Ivey says Katie and Darcy are recovering and walking, running and playing.

He says Darcy was adopted and Katie should be adopted soon.

Farkas faces animal cruelty charges.

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