FluxLabs updates and ecosystem news | by Flux Official | November 2022

The past few months have been one of intense collaboration, partnerships, and innovation, even as Flux continues to expand its ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the new FluxLabs updates and other exciting offerings that Flux brings to the Web3 world.

October was a back-to-back “release and release” month, with the Flux firing on all cylinders. First, Geolocation 2.0 was launched, a feature that allows users to deploy geotargeted DApps. Then came FluxDrive, a Web3 cloud solution that provides more efficient decentralized storage at only a fraction of the cost.

What’s Next? Users pay directly with their credit cards thanks to the paper-based payment mechanism. As darkness falls on Amazon Drive next year, Flux provides a new home to privately house your data… forever.

Jetpack 2.0 also came on board. Quickly run a DApp on Flux cloud infrastructure in minutes without being a code ninja! Flux Smart Pool has been listed on Getblock.io for a testing period and has become one of the fastest growing pools in just a matter of days!

Then came the FluxLabs collaboration:

FluxLabs is the “incubation and acceleration” hub of the Flux ecosystem. The project focuses on promising startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, providing them with the mentoring, network, platform access, infrastructure, and other opportunities they need to thrive in a decentralized world. There is no fee to be a Labs member, and the team supports projects committed to decentralizing and adding to the Flux platform. Here are some recent additions to FluxLabs:

  1. Millennium:

Alephium is a high-performance, secure, and energy-efficient shared blockchain network for DeFi and DApps. The network can originally scale to more than 10,000 transactions per second, thanks to functional hashing of the all-new UTXO model. In addition, it makes use of the unique least proof-of-work algorithm, which is energy efficient in Bitcoin proof-of-work.

2. Meowcoin:

Meowcoin is a decentralized proof-of-work project that seeks to revolutionize the pet industry by adopting pets in token form. Meowcoin leverages the power of blockchain to ensure that animal shelters and adoption services are safe and transparent. In addition, Meowcoin donates a portion of the POW block rewards to fund animal homes and shelters. Flux Meowcoin will provide the decentralized infrastructure to keep the lights on.

3. Hopstairs:

Hopstairs is a SASS coaching platform that provides daily alerts to build confidence and unlock your full potential. Hopstairs will also migrate to the Flux infrastructure to explore the full potential of the web3 world.

4. CryptoChef:

Cryptochefs is an NFT project that offers traders and platform experts a cherished Defi experience. Traders (called chefs) can create their own crypto recipes (a set of trade purchases), share them with the world, and win tokens. CryptoChef is one of the newer additions to Fluxlabs and will transition from traditional hosting to the Flux Cloud infrastructure:

5. MyContainer:

The aim of MyContainer is to enable access to different rewarding cryptocurrency mechanisms. With their recent addition to FluxLabs, Flux will be listed and available to install on the platform.

6. Cotx Networks:

Do you need hardware to run your Flux nodes? The Cotx Network is a new project on Fluxlabs that has you covered. Cotx Network is a solution provider focused on cloud solutions, IoT, and crypto mining. Cotx Network will make it easy to setup FluxNode without complicated installations and settings.

7. CoinLogic:

CoinLogic provides data analytics, and cryptocurrency projects require security audits to ensure their transparency and security. Now you can keep track of all your favorite projects in one place and monitor the stats.

8. BlockSquare:

Fluxlabs has also branched out into the real estate industry with BlockSquare. BlockSquare strives to enhance real estate platforms and portals, connecting investors with opportunities around the world. With powerful management tools and tokens, BlockSquare offers the opportunity to match public market demand with investors.

9. Sushi Swap:

SushiSwap is a community-led organization to solve the problem of liquidity. SushiSwap offers an AMM framework, decentralized lending marketplace, and yield tools. A Defi platform that lets you borrow and earn, Sushiswap is proudly deployed on the Flux Web3 cloud and is part of Fluxlabs.

10. Blockchain Alliance

Fluxlabs has achieved a significant milestone by partnering with the Blockchain Alliance, an alliance of blockchain clubs in more than 120 universities around the world. This collaboration will allow Flux to directly impact blockchain education across universities on seven continents, providing them with the tools and infrastructure they need to advance their learning in the blockchain and web3 space.

Zelcore was released for 6.00 earlier this month with a major UI overhaul and redesign. Now you can enjoy improved performance and a more powerful experience. Flux has been nominated for a $1 million Presearch Marketing Grant. Voting is currently live, here’s how you can help us win the Presearch contest; Here’s how you can help: https://fluxofficial.medium.com/presearch-advertising-grant-how-to-vote-flux-and-win-a-reward-f0003b44ead1.

Our Community Video Contest is on! Create educational content or promotional video related to Flux or Web3 and win a share of the 5000 FLUX giveaway pool! For more information on how to participate in the contest or the Flux ecosystem, join our Discord and check out our official website.

Flux is also running Twitter Click here to learn more about FluxNodes. To bet on the Titan contract, check out this article.

Need to download Zelcore?

Flux is redefining the future of the decentralized Internet by bridging the technological barrier and allowing end users to more easily interact with the Web3 ecosystem. We innovate to run the free web smarter, better, and more affordably.

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