Food for the Faithful through your hometown meals is highlighted in the Levi’s Stadium 2022 list

Santa Clara, California. (KGO) – With 49ers fans returning to Levi’s Stadium this weekend for their home game opener against the Seahawks, this wasn’t Trey Lance’s debut against Faithful, but his debut for the 2022 stadium menu.

On the pitch, the 49ers are working to get back to their winning ways, with slight quick bumps today due to Lance’s ankle injury at the end of the season.

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Off the field, most notably the new tastes, the team’s chefs believe they’ve already scored a victory.

When The Faithful takes their seats at Levi’s Stadium this season, the team says fans will be right there with the all-new roster.

“What happens on the pitch, we can’t control it,” said Jon Severson, executive chef for Levi’s Stadium. “But we can certainly put a lot of energy, time and planning into what we do from a stadium food and beverage standpoint. We always want to play once a year. We love to push ourselves. We want to create new partnerships. We want to come up with new and innovative ways of serving food and of course that We have a lot of variety.”

This season’s spread has everything from delicious donuts to fine dining, grilled tacos and big-mouthed burgers.

Across the lobby, in their premium seating and even special season ticket deals, means there’s plenty of good food for Faithful.

“A regular stadium burger will never give you that signature Burgess Brothers barbecue sauce,” said Chef Michauxnee Olier at Burgess Brothers Chef Michauxnee Olier. “I think football fans will enjoy this very list. There’s no fuss, no fuss, right in the face of you.”

NorCal-based Burgess Brothers is just one of the stadium’s partners with a local flair.

Fans can also enjoy 49ers Psycho Donut from a Campbell-based company or San Francisco-born Super Duper Burger.

It’s a taste of home while fans cheer for the home team.

“Being from the Bay Area, you are proud to be from the Bay Area,” said Patrizia Miner, general manager of Super Duper Burgers Los Gatos. “I know I was born and raised, so working for a company like this that was born here and grew up here is an amazing feeling. I’m a huge fan of the Niners, so just being apart of them is great.”

It seems safe to say the faithful will be enjoying what’s on and off the field this year.

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