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On a hot day, nothing sounds better than a cold, sweet scoop of ice cream! But with plenty of ice cream parlors in Harvard Square, where’s the best place to go? Read on to find out the vibe of each store and what to expect.

Ben & Jerry’s: craving a classic

Ben & Jerry’s is located at 35 JFK St., and a convenient dessert option right next to Sweetgreen! Although this store has a reputation for being overpriced and overpriced, there is no doubt that it offers the most consistent quality of ice cream. With a variety of flavors ranging from Americane Dream to Strawberry Cheesecake, there’s sure to be something for everyone. It’s important to note that although the ice cream here is of the highest quality, there is no seating inside, so its deliciousness melts away quickly.

JP Licks: Want it all

JP Licks is located at 1312 Massachusetts Ave., within sight of the Smith Campus Center main entrance. This shop really seems like a Harvard staple – students can always be spotted finishing their work in the bar-style seating area out front. JP Licks also has a significant number of seats available for customers, ranging from bar-style window seats and indoor seating to outdoor tables. The iconic Boston offers many flavors of ice cream, as well as the option to purchase a “Make at Home Kit” to make your own sundaes and ice cream sandwiches. Best of all, the store itself has a very cozy and cute aesthetic thanks to its animated cow logo and consistent color scheme of pink and black.

Lizzy’s Ice Cream: Finding a Hidden Gem

Lizzy’s Ice Cream is located at 29 Church St. near Pokeworks. It’s a rather small store with essentially no seating, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. Lizzy’s has a huge range of ice cream flavors, including chocolate ice cream with cookie dough pieces, although they also have the classic cookie dough (made with vanilla ice cream)! Lizzy’s Harvard Square location has a unique flavor called Charles River Crunch, which is a game on the endless slot of Harvard and Cambridge.

BerryLine: Keep it Simple

BerryLine is located at 3 Arrow St., just behind Zinneken’s. Why not follow up a waffle dinner with a frozen dessert? BerryLine is a rather hidden store – it is larger than Lizzy’s but smaller than JP Licks with a small amount of seating inside facing the front of the store. When it comes to ice cream and frozen yogurt, BerryLine has a narrower range of flavors than other stores, but there’s still something for everyone. Their flavors are constantly rotating, so you’ll have the chance to find new favorite flavors and spice up your palate. Plus, it’s the first store on the list with real fruit as a topping option!

Shake Shack: Wanting a joker

Shake Shack is located at 29 Church St., right next to Peet’s Coffee. Is it really an ice cream parlor? No. But the frozen pastry cream is amazing. Among their ample seating and choices of vanilla or chocolate ice cream, an ice cream craving can be easily quenched here. This pastry cream is a million times better than regular vanilla or chocolate ice cream found anywhere else.

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