Former LMPD officers accused of throwing drinks at crowds plead guilty in federal court

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Two former LMPD officers accused of throwing slips at unsuspecting people have been charged by the FBI.

The two men each pleaded guilty to one count of civil rights violations, which is a federal offense.

Curt Flynn and Bryan Wilson, who are no longer employed at LMPD, were investigated after several videos emerged of officers driving around Louisville in police vehicles and throwing frozen drinks at residents.

WAVE News Troubleshooters broke the news of the federal investigation in June 2021. Since then, the FBI’s Public Corruption and Civil Rights Task Force has continued its investigation.

Court documents revealed the incidents took place between August 2018 and September 2019 when the two men worked as LMPD detectives.

Wilson and Flynn obtained the slushie drinks, brought them into their unmarked LMPD vehicles and, after identifying a target, slowed down and drove closer to the sidewalk.

Documents indicate that Wilson and Flynn would at times announce over police radio statements to the effect of “someone was thirsty” or “thirsty family”, before throwing the drink and its container at the targeted civilian. The driver of the car would then have accelerated and fled the scene.

The United States Department of Justice said several civilians were hit, with some knocked to the ground by the impact.

Wilson and Flynn also recorded encounters as cellphone video and encouraged other LMPD officers who might follow them to tape, according to court documents. The videos were then released to other LMPD officers.

At the time, LMPD chief Erika Shields called the case “another black eye for the department.”

A third officer, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, who was also involved in the Breonna Taylor case, has so far not been charged over the slushies despite being named as part of the investigation.

It is unclear whether the FBI has concluded its investigation.

The incidents are believed to have occurred when the LMPD’s 9th Mobile Unit existed. This unit was disbanded after numerous scandals and lawsuits alleging residents were racially profiled.

Goodlett was assigned to the 9th Mobile Unit at the time.

Wilson was arrested in 2020 for allegedly hacking women’s social media accounts and holding personal photos for ransom.

This investigation came a year after the LMPD opened a separate internal case after allegedly posting sexually explicit photos on social media. Some of the photos showed a woman in an officer’s uniform.

LMPD and Wilson parted ways following this investigation.

On Tuesday, Wilson also pleaded guilty to a separate case on one count of conspiracy to commit cyberstalking.

Court documents revealed between September and October 2020, Wilson conspired with others while using an online chat service for the purpose of harassing or intimidating another person.

The DOJ said Wilson identified online apps owned by women and hacked into them, stealing photos and videos. Documents say Wilson would then text the women and threaten to release the incriminating photos or videos unless they provided him with additional incriminating material.

Documents indicate that Wilson had at least six women from whom he stole incriminating photographs and documents in an attempt to extort them.

Wilson and Flynn are due September 30. Wilson faces a combined maximum sentence of 15 years in prison on both counts; Flynn faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

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