Four classic signs of fear and stress that pets show during hurricanes and storms

Pets appear, just like humans signs of distress From time to time, there are some specific factors that cause this.

If you are a pet parent, you must have noticed that your pet is afraid of lightning, for example, or the sound of crackers, or even watching fireworks. Some dogs are afraid to be left alone in the house, others are afraid of the sounds of thunder.

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According to Dr. Dilip Sunon, veterinary officer at Wiggles, Hurricanes and storms It can be very stressful for Pets. “It’s important to make sure your pets stay comfortable during these times, as their behavioral patterns can change,” he says.

The expert lists some signs that can help pet parents understand their fears Four-legged babiesand work to overcome it. Read on.

1. Ears flattened

Dr. Sounon says hearing thunderstorms can make your pet feel scared with their ears looking flat. “It indicates that they are afraid or afraid of something, while their ears are usually puffy. It is important to make them feel safe by keeping them warm with blankets.”

2. Running for the cap

During a storm or hurricane, your pet may be hiding somewhere because it is afraid. “Pets are able to detect static electricity and the drop in atmospheric pressure associated with these storms. This can make them run and hide under your bed the moment they hear thunder in the distance. Calm them by providing a safe space under the bed or chair. You can also give them clothes that smell like you. If you are away,” the doctor explains.
During a storm or hurricane, your pet may be hiding somewhere because it is afraid. (Image: Getty/Thinkstock)
3. Barking

Lightning, high winds and rain can startle your pet. Don’t take them outside. It is better for them to stay at home. But this can bother them and lead to excessive barking. This is a sign that they are feeling afraid or helpless. Giving warm water and favorite treats can help keep them calm.

4. Scratching

According to the doctor, pets deal with anxiety during storms or hurricanes. They may try to escape and end up hurting themselves in the form of scrapes – from running and hitting doors or furniture in the house. “Calm them down in a room with closed windows in order to keep them calm. To prevent bleeding or cuts, give them medication, pet food, sedative medications, and a safety pack. Be sure to take precautionary measures, he explains.

Panting, yawning, lip licking, howling, whining, restless pace, trembling and shivering are all few signs of fear in pets. This can cause anxiety and illness. If you are a parent, watch out for these signs,” concludes the doctor.

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