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No one will cherish their loved one with as many hugs and kisses as a dog does. Pet owners have this luxury and will continue to have it. Unfortunately, something as simple as bad breath could make this an inconvenient experience for owners. This also has a negative effect on dogs, as they note that feelings are not reciprocated. In search of answers, our editorial team realized that overcoming bad breath is no small feat. Truthfully, it serves as a sign that something needs to be corrected within the dog’s body system. After recognizing this staple of wellness is the team at Pup Labs, who have since created a solution that eliminates bad breath inside and out. The purpose of this review is to provide a fresh breath.

What are fresh breaths?

Fresh Breath is dental canine chews designed to treat bad breath from within. In doing so, the digestive health of our furry friends will improve along with their general bowel function. According to the makers of Pup Labs, bad breath indicates possible damage to the digestive system, and the best way to alleviate this situation is to restore balance to a dog’s gut microbiome. Not sure how gut health relates to this picture? Next, we’ll look at exactly that.

How do fresh breaths work?

As introduced above, Fresh Breath works by improving the gut microbiome made up of millions of bacteria. While this has been interpreted from a human health perspective, we also need to think about an animal perspective. According to the source [1]However, an excess of any good bacteria over another breed can easily endanger dogs, and the same is true for a complete lack of it. Why do we care about healthy bacteria anyway?

For starters, they are the first line of defense against harmful and harmful bacteria. Dogs tend to smell and eat what they see. Only if the gut is strengthened will any uninvited limbs be prevented from attacking their bodies. Second, a healthy microbiome is essential for the production of enzymes that aid nutrient absorption. If essential nutrients can’t be extracted from the food they eat, what’s the point?

Then, it turns out that the quality of gut health determines an individual’s mental health. This is because the gut microbiome communicates with the brain through the gut axis. piece [2] Explain this relationship by suggesting that gut bacteria send biochemical messages to the brain. Some of them have a calming effect, while others have a painful effect.

A study was also cited to demonstrate a point in which researchers examined gut bacteria from 31 dogs confiscated from the home. Each dog was divided into groups by their aggressive behavior (i.e. apparent aggression versus no aggression towards dogs). In the end, it was discovered that “certain groups of bacteria tend to be present at higher levels in aggressive dogs.”

Finally, people tend to differentiate between the gut and the immune system, but in reality, the two are related. The bacteria are claimed to work with the gut-associated lymph tissue, which accounts for nearly 90% of a dog’s immune system. Simply put, poor gut health naturally denotes a decline in immunity. With such a comprehensive understanding of gut health and its impact on canine health, let’s dive deeper into Pup Labs’ healing strategy, which ingredients are!

What are the ingredients inside a fresh breath?

Each Fresh Breathies dog chew embodies a synergy between:

champignon mushroom extract

Commonly known as white button mushroom, champignon (Agaricus bisporus) extract is a natural food additive used in place of artificial flavor enhancers. In the context of fresh breath, this ingredient is credited with removing toxins and reducing bad breath [3].

Yucca shidigera extract

Yucca Shidjira extract is a natural source of fiber that has been shown to improve the overall health of dogs and cats. Not surprisingly, this ingredient is so popular in pet food, noting how it has been shown to reduce stool odor by 26%. However, there are some conditions that apply. First, it is the dosage that makes a big difference. Anything in excess may have a stronger effect. Secondly, its effectiveness depends largely on the type of preparation and food served [4]. The Pup Labs team also added that yucca is vital for digestion, gut health, and mineral absorption.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae of the Arthrospira family. This may sound unheard, but pet owners are encouraged to feed their dogs spirulina. why? Test-tube and animal studies provide evidence in favor of algae’s ability to strengthen the immune system, improve digestive health, aid in detoxification processes, relieve allergies, and potentially reduce the risk of cancer. [5].


Parsley is a flowering plant that belongs to the family Apiaceae. It is often suggested due to its rich source of essential vitamins such as vitamins C, A and K. In fact, this trio may support immunity, vision, and blood health in pets. Parsley also contains essential B vitamins that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping their bodies remove harmful toxins. Finally, its antimicrobial properties are believed to stimulate healthy urine in dogs by strengthening mucus in the urinary tract. [6].


Cinnamon is a type of spice extracted from the inner bark of cinnamon trees. For dogs, small amounts will not harm them. While the evidence for cinnamon’s effect on dogs has yet to be proven, current sources insist that the spice is non-toxic. [7]. However, Pup Labs’ reason for not including more than one tablet is to “help with cardiovascular and dental ailments,” adding that it may also “promote a healthy bacterial balance in the puppies’ mouth for fresh, odor-free kisses.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are the features of fresh breath?

Fresh Breath is made for all dogs without adding any corn, wheat or artificial ingredients. The latter cannot be stressed enough as their addition may lead dogs to develop allergies with continued exposure. Plus, each batch makes use of only the highest quality natural ingredients to beat the bad odor, destroying the underlying cause. Did we mention that the manufacturing facility has been approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)? NASC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the health and wellness of pets by monitoring manufacturers’ operations.

Is it better to consult a specialist before giving fresh breath?

As with any supplement, a vet should be consulted before adding anything new to a pet’s diet. This is especially true for pets that are currently being treated.

How should new breaths be given?

For dogs under 50 pounds, one soft chew should be eaten daily, while dogs over 50 pounds require two. The general rule for Pup Labs is one chew for every 50 pounds of body weight.

How long should new breaths be given?

Consistency is everything when it comes to strengthening gut health. Therefore, Pup Labs recommends delivery of at least 30 days, as it takes time to rebalance the gut microbiome.

What are the purported benefits of fresh breath?

Over time, pet owners will notice that the fresh breath has helped:

  • Reduce gas and restore breathing
  • Promote gut health and support immunity
  • Support healthy digestion to avoid soft stools, lack of energy, joint discomfort, and softening of the fur coat

How long will it take to notice results under fresh breath?

Within the first week, pet owners should notice a dramatic improvement in their dogs’ breath, body odor, stool consistency and overall energy. As time progresses, positive improvements can be expected in terms of their behavior (more calm, less anxious/aggressive). After a few more weeks, their coats will look thicker and shinier, with less cases of itching and scratching. However, results tend to only last if taken over a period of at least six months.

How long will it take to receive my Fresh Breath shipment?

Pup Labs requires a maximum of two business days to process all incoming requests. From there, it may take between 3 and 5 business days to receive a shipment within the continental US

What if fresh breaths didn’t do the trick?

Fortunately, Fresh Breathies is protected by a 180-day money-back guarantee. If pet owners feel their dogs have seen little or no change, they should start asking for a full refund of the purchase price through customer support. For more information on how recovery works, reach out via:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • phone: 1 (855) 207 7351
  • return the address: 1140 Highbrook Street, 4The tenth Floor, Akron, Ohio 44301

How much does a fresh breath cost?

Each jar of Fresh Breathies contains 30 chews, which are enough for 15-30 days, depending on the size of the dog. Since medium to long-term uses are recommended, pet owners may be interested in the following discounts depending on quantity:

  • 1 fresh breath jar: $49 each
  • 3 fresh breath jars: $39 each
  • 6 fresh breath jars: $29 each

About Pup Labs

Pup Labs is a gathering of pet lovers dedicated to finding wellness solutions for our furry friends. In all honesty, this is exactly how Fresh Breath was conceived and brought to market. Pup Labs’ main focus is to achieve long-term loyalty and repeat customers by prioritizing dogs’ bodies and quality of life. Here’s what the founder, Peter Tzemis, wants everyone to take a breath of fresh air:

Our mission is simple: help your puppy run, jump and play to create memories that will last a lifetime using transparent, high-quality health products. […] Pup Labs brings you back the truth. No more products hiding behind mixes or fillers or vet-driven […] Pup Labs gives you only the best quality supplements and health treatments.”

Final verdict

The name “fresh breath” only reveals part of the story, i.e. to improve dogs’ breathing, but it is more than that. By targeting gut health, Pup Labs has created a solution that also takes into account immune function, digestion, coat health, and mental wellness. In other words, fresh breath is a useful solution that positively affects dogs completely. Due to the sensitive nature of our grumpy friends, anything from low-quality foods and antibiotics to poor health can cause distress, naturally leaving them feeling anxious or extremely aggressive towards others. This makes fresh breath a vital necessity.

Our editorial team was impressed by the selection of ingredients, which appear to support the health of dogs. Pup Labs has also made an effort to make everything natural and has since gotten rid of unnecessary ingredients. By unnecessary, we mean anything that may develop into an allergy with continued exposure. This is rarely reflected in the pet industry, and for us, it shows Pup Labs’ commitment to delivering quality. Plus, they emphasized transparency through education and clear labeling, which is everything to us! Finally, their choice to hide these ingredients in the form of a treat is also wise given the simple fact that dogs (like humans) are selective and will likely enjoy eating them over pills any day. According to everything, we see value in fresh breath. To get started, visit here! >>>


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