Fresh Pet Food Manufacturer Expands Sales Amid Rising Demand

French pet food producer Elmut specializes in fresh, home-cooked produce made using human-grade ingredients and a large portion of meat. The rapidly increasing demand for the company’s products in its home market has encouraged Elmut to invest in expanding its production, according to senior company representatives.

“We are growing very fast, and we plan to continue to do so for the coming months. We are currently partnering with a co-packer and packaging company, and we are making sure we can increase production capabilities,” said Maxime Kaden, co-founder of the company.

She said Elmut’s pet food products are manufactured “with human-grade ingredients and a very high percentage of meat – over 65% for dog recipes and 90% for cat recipes.” “It is minimally processed as it is gently evaporated at 90°C [194 °F] With no preservatives or artificial additives added.”

Customized to every pet’s needs

In addition to not having those artificial preservatives or additives, Kaden said Elmut has a competitive advantage because its products come with plans tailored to meet the pet needs of its customers.

“Customers fill out a questionnaire about their dog or cat, and the formula gives them the exact amount of pet food they need to feed them. The products are then delivered accordingly on a regular basis.” “It’s also convenient to store: It can easily be stored for three months in the refrigerator or six months in the freezer.”

Export expansion may be on a long-term horizon

Caden said the pet food company plans to focus its efforts on strengthening its position in the French market next year. However, Elmut is considering expanding outside France into other markets for potential European pet food in the long term, she added.

“Although we currently only deliver to France and Monaco, we are primarily a European company. The European market is huge, and pet parents are asking for a different type of pet food offering. Therefore, we see opportunities across the continent.”

“However, we have a lot of requests from our customer base for additional products such as sweets or nutritional supplements, and we are looking for them,” Kadian said.

Adamowski is a freelance journalist based in Warsaw, Poland. He has written in many industries, including pet food, beverages, communications, energy, defense and pensions, for numerous English-language publications.

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