Fruitvale Avenue ice cream store’s flavor brigade demolished its storefront in an ATM robbery

Security camera video captures the entire heist, as two suspects plow a car through the front window and into the back of a Flavor Brigade ice cream shop in Lower Dimond, just to get away with it an ATM.

Many parents are going to have to disappoint their children in the Lower Dimond neighborhood of Oakland, due to the sudden destruction of an ice cream parlor, frozen bananas and an Italian ice cream shop. KTVU reports that the Fruitvale Avenue Flavor Brigade ice cream store window was completely destroyed in an ATM robbery, and Flavor Brigade’s security camera captured the entire incident, as seen below .

The incident happened last Monday around 2 a.m. An automobile has just smashed into the windows and doors of the store, and two suspects get out and clean the benches and coolers to create a path for the car to enter further into the store. With more space created, the car then drives further, multiple times, until the ATM is dislodged. The ATM is then dragged out of the store and the suspects flee.

Clearly, the suspects caused more damage to the car than the value of the cash obtainable from the ATM. However, as we have seen in the past, if you are using a stolen vehicle, damage to the vehicle may not be such a relevant factor.

The store said in a statement on Instagram that “Someone drove their car through the front window to rob the ATM smashing and destroying everything in their path. We lost almost everything. Several freezers, the counter, the product, the wall and the dental floss, the windows and the register were all destroyed.”

A Flavor Brigade fan created a GoFundMe for shop repairs, which reached almost 40% of its goal in the first two days. We see Bay Area comedian W. Kamau Bell as the top contributor. Be like W. Kamau Bell!

KPIX has spoken within the owners of Flavor Brigade, and the thefts are “gradually getting worse”, according to co-owner Braedon Galloway. “The first was a rock thrown through the window and some change stolen from the register. The second time they fired a shotgun blast through the window and stole some change from the cash register. Obviously, this time it got progressively worse and they drove a car.”

It’s clearly a huge amount of effort and damage just to get a small amount of money.

“Our employees are out of work, everyone has to pay bills,” Galloway told KPIX. “We have vendors that we supply who are supporting their entire families and their livelihoods. You are affecting a lot of people for nothing.”

According to Flavor Brigade’s Instagram statement, “Due to cost, we will be closed for the next few days which could lead to weeks or even a month.”

If you want to support Flavor Brigade through this ordeal, there’s the GoFundMe, and you can visit their other location in Pleasanton.

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Image: flavor brigade via Instagram

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