Full Badlands Ranch Review: Nutritious Air Dried Dog Food

Badlands Ranch is a dog food brand created by Katherine Heigl that provides pets with a balance of healthy, humanely sourced nutrients. The food consists of beef, organ meats, salmon, and more.

What is Badlands Farm?

Feeding a lovable dog seems like a no-brainer, but most consumers buy only what they see for sale or advertised at their local pet food store. While this method of shopping may be convenient or ineffective, what happens when all of the meat products and other useless ingredients land a dog at the vet’s office?

The only way to take care of your dog is to start feeling that it is a safe, healthy, and enjoyable diet. Animal activist and actress, Katherine Heigl has set out to create a brand that offers only the healthiest foods possible for her dog. Everything is made with hand-picked superfoods, and the creators slowly cook the recipes to make them even healthier.

Brand Badlands Ranch—named after Katherine’s Utah ranch by the same name—is the creator of Superfood Complete. Superfood Complete provides dogs with ingredients that support their gut and improve their energy levels. It can be served straight from the bag, although users can also add a little warm water to turn it into wet food, and Superfood Complete can be mixed with your pet’s regular food. Each dog meal offers salmon, beef, sweet potatoes, and more, and no morsel of corn, wheat, peas or soy.

Badlands Ranch offers foolproof analysis for every food bag:

Guaranteed analysis: Calorie Content (Calculated) ME 3392 kcal/kg 326 kcal/cup, Raw Fat 14% (min) Crude Protein 30% (min), Raw Fiber 5% (max), Moisture 15% (maximum) ).

Buying dog food at Badlands Farm

Badlands Ranch – Superfood Complete dog food can be purchased as a subscription or as a one-time purchase.

One-time purchase pricing:

  • One bag $39.95
  • Three bags $35.95 each
  • Six bags $33.95 each

Monthly subscription delivery:

  • One bag $35.95
  • Three bags $31.95 each
  • Six bags $29.95 each

Badlands Ranch offers free US shipping on all orders and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Customers can communicate by sending an email to:

Frequently Asked Questions About Badlands Ranch

Q: What is Bandland Ranch Superfood Complete?

A. Superfood Complete is a dog food that uses beef, organ meats, salmon, and vegetables. Each ingredient supports the coat, skin, digestion, energy and immunity of the dogs that eat it.

s. How do dog owners prepare Superfood Complete?

c. Consumers have their choice in serving, and Superfood Complete can be served straight out of the bag, can be served wet, or pet parents can serve it pureed. The total amount of food a dog needs depends on its weight, starting with half a cup. For dogs weighing 90 lbs. And up, users will need to measure out approximately 5 cups of food.

s. Why is the company air drying their Superfood Complete formula?

c. Air drying helps consumers eliminate the risk of unhealthy by-products, allowing creators to use a slow but efficient process instead.

s. Where does the beef in Superfood Complete come from?

A: All of the beef in Superfood Complete comes from suppliers that prioritize the humane treatment of animals.


Badlands Ranch dog food allows any dog ​​to receive natural, healthy nutrition. It can be served dry or wet; The total amount to be given to a dog will be determined by its weight. The formula is made solely from humane food with the supervision of creator Katherine Heigl, supporting the work she has done as an animal activist. By purchasing Superfood Complete dog food, Katherine Heigl supports Jason Debus Heigl, a non-profit organization focused on ending animal cruelty and abuse around the world.


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