Giving Tuesday offers a way to further the work of the Animal Shelter Foundation

For everyone who loves animals, this holiday season provides a meaningful way for individuals, families, and businesses to show that love in support of the ongoing work of Animal Services of Tallahassee, also known as Shelter at Thom Browne Park.

Welcoming 5,000 stray and unwanted animals each year—from puppies, kittens, dogs, and kittens to gerbils, rabbits, and even bearded dragons—providing medical care, shelter, and enrichment, while hopefully awaiting adoption and a new “fury” home.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with inflation and a potential recession, has posed myriad challenges for the shelter with the large and continuous influx of animals, straining the shelter’s staff and resources. This is where the Animal Shelter Foundation steps in.

The Animal Shelter Foundation (ASF) is an all-volunteer organization that supports animals in the care of Tallahassee Animal Services. Since its inception in 2007, ASF has supported and assisted more than 100,000 animals in our community through programs aimed at alleviating stress levels of animals while in the shelter and actively increasing adoptions.

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