Good Guys Burger Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando Food Review

Another example of corporate synergy includes this year’s “Chucky” themed food booth for Halloween Nights of Horror. You can find this dining area near Springfield, USA at Universal Studios Florida. The design team spent a significant amount of time creating a bloody look here. In typical fashion this year, a booth themed “Chucky” serves up a few scary-looking (and sounding) staples. More unusual in appearance is the name “The Good Guys Burger”.

This burger looks like the next evolution of the “Jack’d Up Donut Slider” from last year’s Halloween Nights of Horror. For the record, this burger got mixed reviews. “The Good Guys Burger” is $10.99. The menu description reads, “Beef burger, crispy pork belly, cheddar cheese sauce, pickled jalapenos with a donut topped with red icing and fruit cereal.” For some of you reading this, you are already annoyed by the idea of ​​this burger. You may need some courage (or at least a sense of adventure) for this burger.

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The presentation of this burger begins with the packaging. This burger comes in a fast food-style box with a promotional poster for the TV series Chucky. The cereal on top of the burger with red icing clearly sets a theme. The combination of flavors will inspire some and repel others. If you want a delicious burger with the addition of sweet and spicy flavor, this will be for you. In my experience, you get more sweet flavor than hot. Personally, I prefer the seasoning with burgers over desserts.

The individual ingredients of this burger offer reasonable quality. The burger patty is well cooked but well prepared. Sweet items serve their purpose well. The cheese sauce tastes average on the burger at the nearby Krusty Burger, so prepare for it.

This burger obviously ranks high on the messy factor scale. The grains on top may fall off. So far, I’ve avoided the stale-tasting cereal with this burger. This burger also requires several napkins. If you’re not careful, the red sides of this burger will spread to your hands and the rest of you, too. I’ve seen some eat this with a fork and knife to solve messy problems.

This burger acts as a filling food ingredient. I had concerns about serving this near the Krusty Burger, but it makes sense at Halloween Horror Nights. Red ice that looks like ketchup (or blood if you prefer) works well. If you can have all the ingredients in one bite, this burger tastes really good. If not, the quality drops. This burger serves as an excellent upgrade to last year’s Halloween Horror Nights burger. If you’re feeling brave, give this a try. As usual, eat as you mean it!

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