Goodness Gracious and A Time to Heal Partner to Provide Human Grade Dog Food for Veterinarians

Goodness Gracious, a licensed human food manufacturer, has announced a strategic partnership with A Time to Heal to distribute its human canine diet to veterinarians starting today.

“Goodness Gracious is committed to exceptional nutrition, ethical sourcing, a greener planet, and a diverse workplace,” said Amy Renz, CEO of Goodness Gracious, in a company statement.1 “We are honored to be partnering with A Time to Heal and their veterinary community. Adoption of our recipes by integrative vets as the gold standard and seeing direct health improvements to these suitable species makes us so encouraged.”

“Our ingredients include ethically sourced proteins, non-GMO anti-inflammatory vegetables, and healthy fats to make for a diet low in glycemic index, good omega-3 fatty acid balance, low in sodium, and rich in antioxidants,” she added.

Highlighting the companies’ mutual dedication to nutritional standards and superior quality, this collaboration offers Goodness Gracious balanced dog food for the A Time to Heal community of integrative licensed veterinarians. The formulations came from a collaborative process between the company, Nathan Heilman, DVM, CVT and CVSMT of Qi Veterinary Clinic, co-owner and consultant veterinarian for A Time To Heal.

“Practicing holistic medicine without excellent nutrition in place is like sailing into strong headwinds. By distributing Goodness Gracious’ dog food to veterinarians, we are providing clinicians with a foundation to heal and prevent a wide range of canine disorders,” Therese Favard, CEO of A Time to Heal.

Since its inception, A Time to Heal has provided veterinarians with a comprehensive toolbox of herbal formulations, medical supplies, and educational offerings associated with AHVMA and CIVT to help them treat patients.1 According to Hellman, the quality of the ingredients and the proportions of nutrients in Goodness Gracious recipes are consistent with what the company considers optimal nutrition for dogs.

On top of that, Goodness Gracious drops shipping its frozen food directly to vets and their customers in insulated, compostable hay boxes to reduce carbon emissions and waste.


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