Green Chef 2022 review: A great meal kit to get out of a kitchen rut

It’s nice to know that virtually every ingredient that can be certified organic in a Green Chef box will be, and their gluten-free ingredients are also certified. So you may be paying a little more for this tag. I would consider ordering a box once in a while to get out of the macaroni and cheese rut that happens when a toddler is house keeping.

Order and delivery process

Using the Green Chef website is simple and clear. Everything is laid out with pictures of the food you select and order. Once you have confirmed your order, you can cancel, modify or exchange meals up to seven days before the scheduled delivery date. My only issue was that I wasn’t quite sure my meal kit was scheduled even after submitting the order, but a confirmation email was all I needed to sit back, relax and wait for all my glorious products to arrive.

Delivery was a breeze, it was delivered to my door on the appropriate day and all meals arrived in separate brown bags with the ingredients needed, along with recipe cards with easy to understand instructions.

Ease of use

This is where I have to add the caveat that I have precious little time to spend peeling, chopping, and waiting for things to cook. Green Chef is a world better off than other meal kits in this regard, as there’s no “chopping garlic and spreading it into a paste using only the back of your knife” in the instructions. As I mentioned, all of the savory sauces are pre-made and ready to pour into any concoction that bubbles up on the stovetop. Many vegetables were already chopped and in bags. The only aspect that made me groan was that every meal required three different cooking vessels – a saucepan, a sauté pan, and a baking sheet, not to mention mixing bowls and other cooking utensils. I try to stick to two at most, and maybe just one, if I can get away with it.

And since I can’t keep a secret, I’ll tell you: I did my own thing with the bowl of chickpeas, and I didn’t roast the chickpeas separately from the carrots as instructed. Instead, I threw them all on a baking sheet with oil and spices and let them all brown in the oven. If I had made them separately, I think the chickpeas would have come out a bit crispier and better, but it was still a tasty meal, so no regrets.

In general, I think for someone who can spare 30 minutes (most meals only take 30-40 minutes from start to finish), Green Chef is a really good option.

Nutritional profile

Although I liked the flavors of the meals, the calorie count was quite high for me (about 800 calories per serving), and I guess a lot of it came from the rice. The breakdown of protein, fat, and carbs isn’t readily available on recipe cards, and I feel like my protein intake would be low if I only ate those meals. That said, they use a lot of colorful vegetables and legumes in the vegetarian menu, which is a plus when it comes to fiber and other nutrients.

General taste and satisfaction

All the meals I tried came with fresh, high quality produce and ingredients. The pre-made sauces were all very tasty and enhanced the taste of the otherwise ho-hum bowls. My only complaint is that I wish there was a bit more variety, creativity, and maybe a few recipes that rely less on simple carbs, like white rice. The portions were quite generous, in my opinion, and would certainly satisfy two people.

My final thought is that Green Chef is a decent, if a bit pricey, option for people looking to get out of a mealtime rut, and several people in the family will eat the recipes. You may also need to be at a stage in life where roasting, boiling, and sautéing different things at the same time to prepare a meal won’t cause you to break out in hives.

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