He asked the flea market kitchen to stop selling prepared foods at home, and to remove dead roaches

St. Anthony – Health inspectors recently told a kitchen at a popular West Side flea market to stop making food at home and get rid of several dead cockroaches, while two Mexican restaurants had problems with repeat health violations.

Mary’s Kitchen

Mary’s Kitchen, located in the Bandera Flea Market on the 1300 block of Bandera Road, scored a 75 in its last health check.

The inspector found the cooked brisket and barbacoa sitting at room temperature. Moreover, the meat was prepared in someone’s home. The inspector reminded the company that all food served to customers “must be made in a licensed facility or on site.”

The inspector said that the inside of the refrigerator, freezers and bins where clean utensils are kept also need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Several dead cockroaches were found in baskets containing clean wipes, while more dead cockroaches were found along the gaskets, doors and shelves of refrigeration units.

A re-inspection was ordered.

Jalisco Taqueria #5

Jalisco Taqueria #5 in Babcock’s 6500 block scored a 68 in its last inspection. This score was a significant drop from her previous score of 84 runs in May. This time, she had three repeat violations.

The biggest problem the establishment faced was staff handling food without gloves or washing hands. The inspector noticed that food preparation workers do not wear gloves when making masa while handling their personal mobile phones as well.

Another worker slicing lettuce was caught wiping their hands on a dirty apron, then diced back. A third employee was seen taking off old gloves and putting on a new pair without washing his hands.

The inspector also found several used spray bottles containing toxic chemicals that were not adequately labeled, indicating what was in the bottle.

Torretto Mexican Restaurant

Torito Mexican Restaurant, located in the 5300 block of South Presa, has had eight repeat violations, which earns it 79.

The temperature of the day-old refried beans in the cooler was set at 83 degrees. Inspector Beans was found guilty.

Clean dishes contain visible dirt-like material.

The cooler had rusty shelves, and there were buckets of food stored on the floor of the cooler.

The kitchen also needed a detailed cleaning.

A re-inspection was ordered.

other scores

Score 100

Bill Miller’s BBQ No. 53

910 Probandt St San Antonio, TX 78204


Burger King #8999

5562 Tezel Rd San Antonio, TX 78250


chick phil a

6909 N FM 1604 E San Antonio, TX 78266


Domino’s Pizza #6594

24531 IH 10 W San Antonio, TX 78257


Jack in the Box #913

2100 Snake Road San Antonio, TX 78228


Pizza Hut

4001 Commerce St W San Antonio, TX 78207


Quick Trip #4064

1015 Hunt Lane in San Antonio, TX 78251


Whataburger #381

4720 IH 35S San Antonio, TX 78214


Cracker Barrel Country Store #684

98 Loop 410 NE San Antonio, TX 78216


Cookie Restaurant

5036 Military Dr W San Antonio, TX 78242

Record in the 90’s

Papa John’s Pizza #1664

7946 Friedberg St San Antonio, TX 78229


Torreon Mexican Restaurant

1505 Snake Road San Antonio, TX 78201


Arby’s Restaurant

9222 Potranco Rd San Antonio, TX 78245


Chatman chicken

1747 WW White Rd S San Antonio, TX 78220


fruits and other thing y

12750 Fisher Rd San Antonio, TX 78073


barbecue rivers

9902 Potranco Rd San Antonio, TX 78245


Hop Doody Burger Bar

17623 La Cantera PKW San Antonio, TX 78257



2107 Snake Road San Antonio, TX 78228



4614 Callahan Road, San Antonio, TX 78228


express panda

6355 Reitman Road, San Antonio, TX 78244

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