Here are the top 45 holiday toys of 2022 on kids’ wish lists

With nearly 1,000 Christmas wish letters on offer, here are the 45 most wanted items kids are obsessing over this holiday season. Now is the best time to get the best deals in town if you’re planning to shop this weekend.

Have you always wanted to help a Christmas wish and didn’t know how?

It’s been a very difficult year for many of our neighbors, which is why we want to help bring the spirit of Christmas into their homes. There are many ways you can help with the Christmas Wish quest. We have nearly 1,000 wish letters in the system (11/2/2022), so we have a pretty good idea of ​​which games are the hottest. If you’re shopping on Black Friday, keep an eye out for sales on items kids demand most of the holiday season.

Here are the most requested games so far. Since we know what we’ve bought throughout the year, I’ve added a note to let you know which items we lack and need most. Last year we distributed over 30,000 toys, hundreds of winter jackets, mittens/mittens, and hundreds of diapers to set it all right.

Almost 1,000 birthday wishes messages received so far

Before we get to the hottest games, this year’s letter trend is alarming. 70% of the messages sent request clothes. 25% ask for simple things like socks and underwear. Many only ask about personal hygiene products. In my seven years as a Christmas wish director, this was the largest number of requests I’ve seen. We offer new winter coats for any kid who needs one but only supply them if we have some on hand. We focus more on children’s games and family Christmas meal. If you can donate socks, underwear, or pajamas, that would be greatly appreciated.

The most popular toys for baby lovers this season

Arts and crafts
AX sets / adidas sets for teenagers
older children
board games
Headphones and gaming headsets
hot wheels
learning games
very funny
Maine Craft
my life dolls
NERF guns
Nintendo games
paw patrol
PJ mask
PS4 games
remote control vehicles
Teen room decor
sensitive toys
My voice
Spider Man
Sports backpacks
Xbox games

SignPros Owensboro

SignPros Owensboro

The 2022 Christmas Wishes Office has opened

Again, we will return to Towne Square North here in Owensboro. We will be located next to Plato’s Closet and Mega Replay in the Shopping Centre. Thank you to the owners and Shops at Towne Square North for their incredible generosity and commitment to supporting our mission. If you want to drop a letter or donations, you can do so Monday through Friday from 9-6 or Saturday from 11-4 at the Christmas Wish office.

** Note- For any questions regarding Christmas wishes, please email inquiries only at [email protected]

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