High Performance Pet Food: PetSmart, Purina wants to feed your dog outdoors

It takes proper training and nutrition to raise an outdoor dog. Follow these tips from Purina to prepare your dog for a life of camping and hiking adventures with you.

Dogs, like you, need proper nutrition to perform their best. Purina Pro Plan Dog Sport Formulated to nourish dogs and help support their strength and endurance.
In addition to fueling, it’s up to you to ease your pup into activities, learn their limits, and help them adjust to life in the great outdoors. Below, we run through some tips and reminders for taking your own adventure, as well as more details about Purina’s dog food offerings.
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Hit the trails

Do you want to take your dog with you on your adventures? First things first: Learn and follow local handlebar rules.
In woods or camps, a dog leash prevents them from chasing wildlife, disturbing others, or walking through patches of poisonous plants. You can build up your dog’s discipline for the trail and around the campsite by taking shorter day trips, walks and walks.
If you are camping overnight, you may want to provide your dog with a harness shade tent To cool off, which can also provide a place of their own to help them feel safe.
For some dogs, a Backpack harness Provides more control than a collar. In addition, you can store some things in it, such as poop bags.
Dogs can tire themselves out trying to keep up or please you. You should have an idea of ​​what they can handle from their routine walking or running. With that said, keep an eye on Fido while they walk so they don’t get too tired.
If you bring a puppy with you for a walk, be prepared to carry it. Once your dog is approximately 12-15 months old, he will have left the puppy stage behind and may have more muscle and stamina. If your dog is 7 years old or older, it may be time to cut back on his activity accordingly.

dog equipment

Dogs aren’t as gear-intensive as humans, but a few accessories can go a long way toward keeping them happy and clean.
Always carry more water. You can’t predict how thirsty your dog will be, and if he gets hot, you can use some water to cool the pads and skin. a Collapsible water bottle Pack in your gear as you collect and supply water for the day.
If you are spending long days outside, consider bringing extra food. treatsAnd the Collapsible bowls.
a Fine-toothed brush and comb It can help you dislodge wanderers like burrs as well as pull hairs to check for fleas or ticks.
bring along Pet wipes, or a washcloth (or two) that will allow you to wipe mud, rain, and dust off your dog’s fur. Some dogs may enjoy the familiar smell of home on the towel if they feel uncomfortable outdoors. In this case, a towel inside the tent or dog crate will help you. Not to mention a towel or dog bed Provides some cushion for your pup after a long day on the trail.
Finally, we have to say it somewhere: Clean up after your pup! Domesticated dogs are not wild—they, like you, carry a host of bacteria that can contaminate water supplies and other animals. Be sure to Carry waste disposal bags with you, and please don’t forget to pack it with you on the go.

PetSmart Autoshiop Purina Pro foods

Purina Pro Plan Sport Formulas for Dogs

Purina Pro Plan Sports Dog Food Formulated to provide your dog with advanced nutrition for strength and endurance.
These formulas start with real meat as the first ingredient. The brand says Pro Plan is a high-quality protein source like chicken, turkey, salmon, and beef. The carbohydrates in Pro Plan foods come from corn, rice, barley and other grains, according to the brand.
In addition, Purina says Pro Plan Dog Sport uses nutrient-rich fats from beef and bacon as well as oils from fish and vegetable sources.
Purina formulates its Pro Plan Dog Sport Food with 23 essential vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants. According to the brand, these ingredients can help promote a healthy immune system. These foods are also labeled 100% complete and balanced, which the brand says provide the right amounts (In the right proportions) of every nutrient your dog’s body needs.
In addition, Purina has manufactured several Pro Plan Dog Sport foods to include live probiotics, which are intended to support digestive and immune health.
Purina Pro Plan Dog Sport Available in three life stage formulations and includes dry and wet foods.
Pro Plan Sport Puppy dry food is formulated to promote focus, problem solving and even trainability.
Pro Plan Sport Adult Dry Food is made to help fuel muscles, including the crucial time after exercise, and provide protein and fat to fuel your dog’s metabolic needs.
Finally, the Pro Plan Sport Senior recipe aims to support healthy joints and mobility as well as promote your dog’s cognitive health.

Dry and wet foods

Purina Pro Plan Dog Sport Dry foods include a balance of proteins and fats to keep muscles fueled while you work hard.
These foods also contain amino acids to help fuel muscles as well as glucosamine and EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, for joint health and mobility. In addition, the omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A in the food are meant to nourish your dog’s skin and coat.
30/20 All Life Stage foods are formulated to increase stamina and improve your dog’s oxygen metabolism (VO2 max) for increased stamina, according to the brand.
Wet foods can add excitement to your dog’s diet and contribute to hydration.

paw patrol

If your dog can keep up on the trails, you will feel more comfortable taking him with you on multi-day camping trips and other adventures. A big step along the way is feeding your dog a nutritious diet and packing some accessories that can keep your best friend comfortable and clean.
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