Hit burgers and sausages plus a side of food nostalgia in West Hollywood

Good morning and welcome to Essential California the news. it’s a Monday 25 July. I Andrew J. Campaa metro reporter to write from the San Gabriel Valley (you know, the place where In-N-Out 🍔 was invented!).

It was a month of nostalgia in West Hollywood (WeHo, if you know), where warm memories and hot dishes fed a crowd of well-wishers.

Our food team has documented a pair of returns in the popular Westside area, which leads with Irv’s Burgers.

The stage reopened on July 1 after a four-year hiatus and was celebrating a month of festivities, including a ribbon-cutting event ✂️.

Dozens of crowds waited in long queues and we shared our memories Stephanie PrigoWho documented the renaissance of the wing.

Among the fans was a couple Dovi Mamikonian And the Lauren Suchelwho lived in Paris until recently, and ventured to West Hollywood to and from Los Angeles International Airport.

“We had … a hamburger before the plane,” Mamikonian said. “When we got off the plane, the first place we came was here.”

The duo have visited Irv for 20 years at all three of its locations, including the most recent one on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The burger stand has become a family tradition for Mamikonian, who grew up in Los Angeles. She discovered Irv’s restaurant with her brother, dined there with her husband Laurent, and passed on culinary habits with her daughter.

Like Mamikunian, regular dinner James Evans He was thrilled to hear Irv’s return. Evans said the site’s closure in 2018 caused a sense of collective loss.

“I was devastated — I felt bad for them because they are such an essential component of the neighbourhood,” he said.

On the first day after returning, Evans ordered his usual food: one cheeseburger, french fries and a Coca-Cola. Mamikonian’s first return trip also heralded her familiar request for pancake melt.

The food was a welcome comfort for both. However, what made Irv stand out from Mamikonian, Evans, and dozens of others was a comeback Sonia HongThe former owner of the restaurant.

Hung ran and owned the place from 2000 to 2018, when it closed after the death of Hung’s brother, the loss of a longtime cook and ongoing battles with several landlords.

Clients tried to help the Lameness Foundation, founded in 1946, with work shifts. They loved Hong’s humor, electric smile, and cartoons of customers and their pets.

In the end, Hong is back behind the desk as an employee of a new owner Lawrence Longo.

Ted SorokaA longtime customer, he said, it wasn’t the burgers he first brought to Irf’s but a friendly face.

He said, “It was fantastic and so delightful, and I remember thinking, ‘Even if this burger is horrible, I have to go back.'” And it was the best burger I’ve ever had.

About two miles away, another historical language was shedding rust in favor of Rebirth.

Tail o’ the Pup from West Hollywood, an 18-foot concrete hot dog stand (Oscar Mayer Wienermobile photo without frames), returned Wednesday for National Hot Dog Day 🌭.

our Nicole Cagan And the Gregory Ye Trust an army of ketchup and mustard-clad customers who celebrated the grand reopening.

West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Master He said of the platform, “It is part of our history. I remember eating these foods at the ancient site.” Then I took two boxes of sausage to go.

Like Irv’s, Tail o’ the Pup opened in 1946, and the suite has grown in popularity with clients from the nearby Kiddieland theme park (the site of the current Beverly Center) that sponsors the business.

Tail o’ the Pup closed in 2005, reopened and closed again in 2016 and has found life again under the current ownership of the 1933 group, which includes Bobby GreenTail ‘o the Pup fan.

Green fell in love with the catwalk on a family vacation in the mid-1980s. Green, a young boy, had not forgotten his first impression of Southern California.

“From that trip I remember three things,” Green said. “Palm trees, this Hollywood sign and that sausage stand. It’s just one of those things that stays with you.”

Both restaurants hope to stay with a new generation of customers.

and now, Here’s what’s happening across California:

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Los Angeles Police Department officers and Los Angeles County sheriffs stand at the entrance to Peak Park in San Pedro, where two people were killed and five wounded in a shooting Sunday afternoon.

(Louis Cinco/Los Angeles Times)

A shooting broke out Sunday afternoon in San Pedro’s Peak Park, killing two adults and wounding five others. About 500 people were in the park around 4 p.m. There was a car showroom nearby. Los Angeles police believe the shooting was a “dispute between two parties.” Los Angeles Times

Latinos favored outside businessman Rick Caruso over Karen Bass in the initial vote for mayor of Los Angeles in areas where the Latino population was at least 80%, according to a Times analysis.. Caruso finished with 34% of the vote in those primaries in those districts, ahead of Bass (27%) and lone Latino in the race Kevin De Leon (24%). As of Sunday, De León has not endorsed Bass or Caruso and it is not certain where those votes or those who voted for either of the first candidates will go. UCLA statistical analysis showed that Caruso was the highest Latino voter with 34% of the vote, ahead of De Leon (29%) and Bass (20%). Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Dodgers have the biggest payroll in baseball. They have the best match record before Monday, they are likely to win their league again and have the second best odds of winning the world championship for any team. If Los Angeles is needed, maybe it’s depth. However, the Dodgers are a strong contender to trade for the young Washington Nationals star, Juan Soto. Do they need it? Los Angeles Times

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politics and government

Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is known on Capitol Hill for being a consistent loyalist of former President Trump. Back home in the Central Valley, his conservative values ​​and goodwill are called into question by voters in his reorganized 20th district. Some question whether he is really a “real conservative”, while others throw him into the “quagmire”. However, these concerns are unlikely to harm his re-election chances in a region described as “more West Texas than Texas.” Los Angeles Times

A former dean of the California College of the Deaf in Fremont is leading a petition to lobby the governor and state superintendent of public education and the California Department of Education to provide housing for teachers of the unique institution. One of the coaches sleeps in his car, while the others stay with their roommates or family due to the expensive housing in the area. The petition is a way to prevent teachers from leaving school. Mercury News

Crime, Courts and Police

A black World War II veteran has died at the age of 101 in La Mirada. His crime was speaking in defense of another soldier being verbally abused by a white commanding officer known for his racist insults. The military eventually released Bernard Benedict James from prison in 1947 and changed his discharge to Musharraf. However, the military never apologized and did not fully correct his record, maintaining that he had been uninterrupted for 704 days – the time he was in prison. James left the army, went back to school, eventually graduated from Harvard and moved into the aviation industry. He designed capsules to carry astronauts on the Apollo and Mercury space missions. Los Angeles Times

An Auckland resident has been charged with human trafficking, pimping, pimping and illegal possession of a firearm. The human trafficking charge stems from allegations that he transported a 14-year-old girl from Fresno around San Francisco, Vallejo and Los Angeles as part of a “team of prostitutes.” Mercury News

health and environment

burnt hull

A house burns as an oak fire moves through the area on Saturday near Mariposa. A rapid oak fire burning outside Yosemite National Park has forced the evacuation of thousands of acres and destroyed several homes since it began Friday afternoon.

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The biggest fire of the season broke out across the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains west of Yosemite National Park. The oak fire, which started on Friday near Medpen, destroyed at least 10 buildings and led to the evacuation of several thousand people. As of Sunday morning, more than 14,000 acres have been burned. More than 2,000 firefighters are battling with no end in sight. Los Angeles Times

Why does inland California reach its hottest days in mid-August, while regions closer to the California coast reach their annual peak in late August and early September? Why don’t coastal areas north of Point Conception reach their warmest points until later? The reasons are the presence of a fixed marine layer and remoteness from the ocean. Los Angeles Times

California culture

Miles from the Los Angeles metro, black and Latino transplants from South Los Angeles, Long Beach, and other bustling metropolitan areas have found “peace” in the inland empire whose reputation has often been tarnished.. Here, the population of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties of 4.6 million is nearly 70% of people of color. But it’s not just about affordable housing. Tranquility, peace and nostalgia reign in an area that corresponds to the Old West and where “Let’s Go Brandon!” Flags fly with pride. Los Angeles Times

The nonprofit Open Books, which has donated more than 15,000 LGBTQ-affirming books to 1,000 schools mostly across California, has faced resistance in Solana Beach. Some parents and community members learned about a donation to the city’s school district, at the request of a teacher, and fought back via social media and directed complaints to the district. So the books are now forgotten as teachers review them one by one. San Diego Union-Tribune

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California calendar

Angels: 80, partly cloudy. San Diego: 72, partly cloudy. San Francisco: 65, partly cloudy. San Jose: 81, partly cloudy. Fresno: 104, sunny. Sacramento: 96, sunny.


today California memory he is from Andrew Masset:

My middle school dream in upstate New York was to attend the University of Southern California. Arriving in Los Angeles by car from San Francisco, I was struck by the sheer beauty of Interstate 1 and the coast. Redwood, Caramel, SLO, and all points in between. It really is the ‘final touch for the gods’.

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