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In 2019, HBO unveiled a show titled Euphoria, a story about high school kids filled with mountains of drugs, sex, and bad behavior. For its creator Sam Levinson, Euphoria only reflected reality. Like he said Weekly entertainment:

“I feel like it’s a debate that goes on constantly through time, where people go, ‘Parents are going to be scared,’ and you go, ‘Yeah.’ And the young people will say, ‘Yeah, this is my life.’ »

Euphoria is extreme, but far from being the only one. Most movies and TV shows about teens assume that alcohol, drugs, and sexual promiscuity are just part of the picture. What separates the “good” children from the “bad” ones is not so much that they do these things or not, but rather how responsibly they do them.

And it does hollywood star girl—a 2020 Disney sequel star girl– a deliciously counter-cultural experience.

When Evan and Stargirl simply touch hands, it’s big and momentous business. When Evan asks for Stargirl’s phone number, she tells him she doesn’t have a phone. Underage drinking? Not even a temptation. And this, in the heart of Los Angeles.

And while the film is, by most standards, fairly innocent, some of the messages are responsibly mature.

When “Table Six” tells Stargirl about her failed attempt to become a star, she speaks honestly about feeling rejected and even a little ashamed. But she also tells how she started from there and found purpose in other ways. “Just because you didn’t mean it doesn’t mean you’re not living your dream,” she says.

And then again, as the sizzle reel of Terrell, Evan and Stargirl ends and Terrell wonders how it will be received, Stargirl herself says something quite convincing: “Well, we I love it, don’t I? ” she says. “We had fun doing it. It’s all that matters. Whatever happens next, we’ve done it. And we did it together.

Disney often gives us outrageously successful protagonists – famous on-screen avatars that young Disney viewers can point to and say: I want to be like this perhaps not understanding that fame is as much a product of luck as of skill, or that fame is often weak and fleeting. And if this film does indeed offer us a typical Disney ending, even by heart, these little notes of realism should not go unnoticed.

Certainly, hollywood star girl won’t make it onto the list of Hollywood’s greatest cinematic achievements. But powered by Grace VanderWaal’s delicate vocals, the charisma of the cast, and an innocent but grounded understanding of what it’s all about, hollywood star girl is watchable and likeable. And that’s enough to make fans of innocent dishes practically euphoric.

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