How to get rid of snakes in your yard


div>Everyone has something to fear.

For some people they are spiders. For others, they may be closed spaces or clowns.

For me, it’s strange heights and snakes!

Photo by Aaron Fernando on Unsplash

Photo by Aaron Fernando on Unsplash

Live snake problem?

It’s been almost a year to this day since we moved into our new home in Picatonica, and if I had known we had a snake problem there, I would have thought twice about moving. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, my neighborhood doesn’t really have a huge snake problem, (which I know), but my neighbor warned me about something terrifying this morning, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a shocked boy at the moment.

Here is a picture of two of our adorable neighbors carrying something horrible that they discovered in their yard today…

photo provided

photo provided

I’m tagged in the photo above with a warning that says; “Watch out, Shannon Zimmerman. This is the second we found this week lol!

Sorry what? Second?!? Do you see the fence in the background of that picture? My backyard is across from it, and I would lose it if I saw a snake in my yard. It’s time to beat the snake problem now!

Why are there so many snakes?

I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life and have never seen a snake in my yard. Our new neighborhood is surrounded by fields of corn and behind the corn is the Pecatonica Prairie Path, which is also the harvest season, so is that why there are snakes? Probably.

according to IIllinois Department of Natural Resourcesgarter snakes areBorn alive from late summer to early fall” delusion ” Living in meadows, swamps, woodlands, hillsides, creek fringes, and vacant city spaces.”

How to keep snakes out of your yard and home

Female garter snakes give birth to about 15 to 80 young at a time, so how can I prevent any of them from invading my backyard sanctuary or worse, my home? Here are 5 easy tips I found from Smith’s Pest Management;

  1. Replace the mulch with gravel Snakes cannot hide or move easily on hard surfaces.
  2. Remove bird feeders and bird baths from your garden These elements attract snakes and their prey such as birds, mice, and insects.
  3. Pruning shrubs and trees Don’t give snakes an easy place to hide or climb up in search of shelter.
  4. Avoid placing water features in your yard Ponds and fountains look beautiful, but snakes think it’s a great place to live, too.
  5. Keep pet food inside Feeding your pets outdoors will attract snakes and a large number of other unwanted creatures.

If you see a snake in your garden, experts say the best thing you can do (besides staying calm) is to submerge it with a hose from a safe distance. Doing this will encourage the snake to move around safely, and then you won’t have to worry about trapping and/or getting rid of the snake. Yak!

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