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If you catch your cat jumping on the table every two seconds, you are definitely not alone. There are a whole host of reasons why your cat might be this way. But just because he loves being there, it doesn’t mean you do.

You just want to keep your BFF safe and your counters clean — but how?

We spoke with Dr. Chyrle Bonk, a Hepper veterinarian, to find out how to keep cats off tables.

Why do cats jump on counters?

There are several reasons why you find your cat jumping on the table all the time.

“Some of it is down to their innate hunting instincts,” Dr. Punk told The Dodo. “Cats may also want to jump on the table to get away from other small pets or children. They may also want to level up to interact with you or throw away food.”

Should you keep your cat away from the counter?

Although your cat may love the view from above on your table, it’s actually not the safest place for her to be.

“Cats can get hurt if they even fall from the height of a table,” Dr. Bonk said. “They can also get into things they shouldn’t be doing, like detergents or human foods that can make them sick.”

How to keep cats off tables

There are some things you can do to get your cat off the table.

1. Give your cat something else to climb on

Your first step should be to redirect your cat’s desire to climb into something it must In fact Climb up, like cat trees or shelves.

“These will also serve as a place to spend some time alone away from dogs or children,” said Dr. Bonk.

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2. Give your cat individual attention

If your cat is jumping on the table to get up to your level and interact with you, it may be because he feels like he’s not getting enough attention. So try to make more time during your day for some one-on-one TLC.

3. Get it a treat game

And if your cat is at the counter for some food, a toy food dispenser can give him what he’s looking for and keep him entertained at the same time.

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4. Try deterrents

If none of these things cause your cat to stop hopping on the table, you may want to consider getting something to keep him from wanting to get up there.

“Try deterrents like [as] “Put cookies or aluminum foil on the edge of your table to make an annoying noise when they jump on it,” said Dr. Bonk. “Putting the duct tape up may also work. Placing towels or newspaper on the edge of the table so that they slide when jumping is another idea.”

The important thing to keep in mind about deterrents is that you’ll want to choose ones that won’t harm your cat.

Here are some of the Anti-Cruelty Society’s recommendations:

By making it uncomfortable to put your cat on the table, he will eventually decide on his own that he doesn’t want to jump there anymore.

5. Do not spray your cat with water

You may think that spraying your cat with water can be a good deterrent, but it won’t actually get the result you want.

Punishing a cat with a spray bottle or yelling usually doesn’t work because they associate the negativity with you rather than being at the table,” said Dr. Punk.

So if you’re not sure how to keep cats off tables, at least now you know you have options.

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