How to raise food prices in your pub

The rising cost of living and high inflation for a decade is already having an impact on consumer behavior, with the proportion of UK adults having an occasion to eat or drink in a restaurant in the four weeks ending on the 15th May 2022 dropping 2 percentage points to 54%, its lowest point. since January.

Pub and bar operators are inevitably having to raise prices, with the average price of food and drink on menus increasing by 3.1% from February to March 2022. Menu price hikes, at a time when scrutiny increasing customer value are difficult to manage but pub and bar operators are developing creative solutions.

Appetizers and side dishes

Menu price inflation on pub and bar menus was largely driven by starters (up 6.5%, up 42p) and side dishes (up 9.1% , up 26 pence). Entrees, including nachos loaded with beef, chicken wings and shrimp tempura, were among the group that saw the most price inflation. Excluding sharing trays, the average price of a pub and bar entry remains down 8% compared to restaurant prices, giving operators more leeway as consumer expectations of pubs to provide restaurant quality food are increasing. Indoors, pub and bar operators are introducing a wider range of options to entice consumers to swap, with sauces increasing their share of menus in the first quarter of 2022.

New product development is a key tool for designing higher prices on all menus, with operators able to introduce more premium alternatives, dishes with better margins as well as trending favorites that will attract customers. clients. Pubs and bars increased the number of new dishes on menus in April 2022, starting to introduce spring/summer menus. Of the new dishes, more than a third were labeled with personalization. A way to provide a more personal experience, personalization gives consumers the ability to choose based on their personal preferences. Personalization is a brilliant angle that operators can take in an effort to offer more premium alternatives, with smaller changes to dishes more manageable for kitchen staff.

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