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An expert from BJ’s Wholesale has revealed the product they use to make the perfect ice cream sandwiches.

Maria Weinraub, who throws parties for her friends in New York, said she opts for Wellsley Farms chocolate chip cookies which cost just $8.29.


A super fan of BJ’s Wholesale has revealed the product he uses to make ice cream sandwiches (stock image)Credit: Getty
Maria said the cookies' weight makes them ideal for assembling ice cream sandwiches


Maria said the cookies’ weight makes them ideal for assembling ice cream sandwiches1 credit

Maria revealed that the cookies’ “heaviness” makes them ideal for ice cream sandwiches.

She posted on the Kitchn website, “I like that they vary in shape just enough to give them a homemade look without causing messy match play.”

She places strips of vanilla or chocolate ice cream between the cookies before storing them in the refrigerator to firm them up.

Maria revealed that fans are amazed when the sandwiches are placed in front of their eyes.

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She said, “Eyes are widening. Mouths agape. The gasps ensure. Yes, this dessert is so remarkable.

She added, “I don’t even bother to spread them out on a decorative tray.”

The Sun revealed how BJ shoppers can save money and recommended items shoppers should avoid when visiting the wholesaler.

Customers should not purchase products such as cooking oil, eggs, bleach or paper products.

When you buy oil from a warehouse store, like Costco or BJs, the store usually gives you about six pints.

However, Trae Bodge, editor of RetailMeNot, told Kiplinger that oil has a shelf life of around six months – although that might sound like a big buy in theory.

Once the oil starts to go bad, “it can start to turn and taste sour or oddly pungent,” Laurence Edelman, owner of Left Bank in New York, told Insider.

And, a bargain hunter revealed that a BJ’s couponing tip helped her save over 75%.

Meanwhile, chef Danny Kim, also known as Dannygrubs on TikTok, has revealed how Dunkin Donuts fans can turn their sweet treats into gourmet desserts.

He transformed the latte by adding two eggs and icing sugar to the drink.

Kim removed the frosting from the Boston Dunkin Donuts and placed it in a large bowl.

He then mixed some of the remaining latte, drained it, and placed it in a pot on the stove.

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The cream filling was removed from the donuts and put in a bowl before being placed in a fridge to firm up.

He caramelized the bacon from the breakfast sandwich to create candied bacon.

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