I played Stray in a cat cafe and it was perfect

Zazu doesn’t want me to play stray. This adoptable cat with the impossibly cute mustache climbs into my lap and falls asleep the minute I sit down meow salon (Opens in a new tab)And the A cat cafe on the Lower East Side of New York City. Just this past weekend, Annapurna Interactive and Meow Parlor let people sign up to play Stray in a cat café filled with adoptable kittens. Yes, it’s as chaotic and gorgeous as you’d expect, but it was also a reminder of how incredibly realistic the protagonist of Stray is.

stray with straying

Meow Parlor always has a rotating staff of adoptable adult cats and kittens, but we had the latter influx for the event — and they don’t care that I’m there to play Stray for the first time, after which the game was released on July 19 for PS5 and PC. After Zazu falls asleep on my lap, another cat cafe-patron shakes his gnome and wakes up with a start, running away before I have a chance to say goodbye. Annapurna’s rep hands me a DualSense controller, but I don’t even get a chance to hit the start button before another cat quickly climbs into my lap, his hind legs dangling away from me, and I have to put his little feet in one of my hands to keep him from falling over. This is Charlie, and he loves to sleep, falling into the REM cycle faster than Zazu did.

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