Idaho to remove CBD animal food products from shelves

Animal food products derived from hemp are not legal in Idaho, according to the Idaho Department of Agriculture. They must be removed from stores by November 1.

Boise, Idaho – The Idaho Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is asking all retail stores to remove hemp-derived animal food products — including CBD — from shelves by November 1.

“We rely a lot on our partners in the Food and Drug Administration who have not recognized cannabis as an approved ingredient,” said ISDA Director of Plant Industries, Lloyd Knight. “Once the FDA lists it as an approved ingredient, we can then list it as an approved ingredient. Unless there’s some kind of policy going forward on that at the state level that wants to list it as an approved ingredient.”

CBD animal products have already been in the state for five years, according to pet store owner Bark n’ Purr Jennifer Willett. You have never seen any negative reaction to any of the products.

“It just helps with pain,” Willett said. “It helps with anxiety. People use it on the Fourth of July. There are so many great benefits of an all-natural product for pets.” “Before that, our only options were expensive drugs that could harm our animals in the long run.”

In response, Bark n’ Purr is petitioning their store to support the legalization of CBD animal products. Agent Bark n’ Purr Debbie Holleran signed the petition on Thursday afternoon.

Holleran puts cannabis-fortified oil in her dog’s food. Holleran says the oil helps her dogs with hip and joint pain.

“It has really worked wonders. It may have given [my German shepherd] “Another year of her life is, probably, pain-free,” Holleran said. “I don’t know what I will do if this goes away. I have tried other products that are not improved from cannabis.”

Bark n’ Purr aims to bring this to the attention of Governor Brad Little in hopes of stopping the ISDA ban on November 1.

“ISDA must administer the current law. The products are not legal, and the agency’s memo provided retailers with guidance for retailers to comply with the law,” Governor Brad Little’s office wrote to KTVB in an email.

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