Iron Chef Host and Master Chef Champion Kristen Kish talks about the main difference between the two cooking shows

There are many options for people who like to watch cooking competitions – if you want something fun and relatable like Netflix recently canceled Nailed itor the highly skilled chefs of the James Beard Award on Excellent chef. Netflix just resurrected an old favorite in the latter category, with chefs returning to the Kitchen Stadium to Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. Alton Brown returns as host, with Mark Dacascos returning as lively as ever chairman. The Iron Chef America reboot added Excellent chef champion Kristen Kish as a co-host, and she recently discussed the biggest difference between the two intense shows.

Best known for battling in ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ to win top honors Grand Chief: Seattle in 2012, Kristen Kish is no stranger to Kitchen Stadium. She appeared on Iron Chef Showdown in “Battle Beantown” in 2017, where she beat Matt Jennings in a prosciutto battle – but fell to iron chef Jose Garces in the Parmesan cheese battle. Kish explained to Mashed how the two competitions differed from each other:

My racing experience was very different. Other cooking shows, they give you these challenges…rapid shots and things like that. From that perspective in Iron Chef, and having competed on both, Iron Chef requires practice and rehearsal in your own kitchen with your team, because once you enter Kitchen Stadium, your kitchen is completely different.

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