It’s Halloween time for creative culinary concoctions

Fall is a season of excitement for many adults and children.

With the seasonal rush already in full swing, I thought it would be fun to start talking about Halloween and seasonal flavors leading up to Thanksgiving. This week, we’ll start with a visit to the appetizer side of the holiday.

The Halloween season has many iconic sights and sounds, and I find that families tend to move towards indoor friendly dining. For my family, pumpkin spice lattes, squash and pumpkin pie come to mind as I enter this special season.

But before we can talk about the sweet side, we have to talk about the savory flavors and the gatherings we can accommodate. I love sharing these fun and tasty recipes this time of year because they’re both versatile and fun to create. I find them a hit at any gathering and with guests wanting more, a hit that repeats itself year after year.

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