It’s time for tufting, bouldering and ice cream!

Forgot how to have fun in Shanghai? Finally free to travel? Consider these three options; you can do one or you can do it all.


So you think you’re wrong? Have you always wanted a mirror with a padded frame? Have no idea what tufting is? It’s the latest trend in DIY activities and it’s all over social media. As a quick explanation, tufting is designing and then making your own rug. The size is entirely up to you but the maximum is 50 x 50 cm.

If you’re not convinced by the tufted mirror frame, here’s what else you can do. Play with silicone to design your own phone case, play with wax to design your own candles, play with paint to create your own cartoon figure or play with T-shirts to customize your look!

All of this awaits you at DlY-Tufting, located at Oasis Plaza in Puxi (1103, Block A, Oasis Plaza, Lane 137, Bailan Road, Shanghai), which also serves as a convenient destination with a wide variety of other fun attractions.

Back with the quilting, know that it’s not the cheapest option (it happens to be the hand-scented wax embellishments); the cost of the mats depends on the size. Think 50 x 50 for around ¥318 and 40 x 40 for ¥268. They take around 2 hours to complete. This carpet-framed mirror, if you’re looking for that Y2K aesthetic, is around ¥258. Some of the other craft will not be ready to take home the same day, so keep that in mind when planning your expedition or choosing a craft.

Ice cream

If upholstery brings back that year 2000 feel, now is the time to dive deep into the 80s. It’s a visit to the museum where you don’t just look at the exhibits, you can also eat what you see! The Ice Cream Museum, on Dongyu Lu in Pudong (W-L1-14, 1st Floor, Taikoo Limu District, Qiantan, No. 1-9, Lane 500, Dongyu Road, Shanghai) can only be described as an ice cream -In-store photoshoot where the camera always eats first!

While the decor may be true to the ’80s (and matching the pink-uniformed staff), it references both older and more contemporary eras. Try the “Justin Timbershake” or the “Melon John”.

It really is a place designed with social media in mind. You can choose from a delicious range of pink and yellow backdrops with faux pink subway cars, pink hanging banana backdrops and a selection of ice cream themed backdrops. An average price of ¥163 per person includes the entrance fee and a few servings of ice cream. And if you feel like shopping, check out their merchandise.


So you sat around clumps and gorged on ice cream. But let’s face it, taking selfies doesn’t count as exercise. Better bouldering at Pongo, aka Orangutan Climbing Gym.

If you’re looking for a fun workout, here’s how to look smart while cutting calories. Bouldering is the sport that merges your physical abilities and your problem-solving skills.

But unlike your typical rock climbing, bouldering doesn’t involve the use of a harness. Although it might be a bit more dangerous, you can only fall as far as you can climb, which usually isn’t that high. And in their obligatory safety demonstration, you’ll learn how to fall safely, if not gracefully, before each session.

A range of difficulty levels are available, suitable for all skill levels. It can seem daunting to try for the first time, being both mentally and physically challenging with multiple paths to a single answer. A visit to Pongo on Zhizaoju Lu, also in Pudong (上海制造局路 833弄26号魔方公寓内) costs around ¥77 per person.

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