Jamie gets a unique perk by drinking more after max level in Street Fighter 6

A new batch of Street Fighter 6 footage featuring the devs has recently hit the internet thanks to Maximilian. Even with the community sifting through every second of gameplay currently available, it seems there’s still more to discover for those who look closely enough.

In the new footage, a keen-eyed Twitter user spotted some interesting behavior for Jamie. When he drinks more after having already reached his “drunk” level, he will always receive an additional benefit.

NurseLee on Twitter noticed the power-up effect in Max’s footage and isolated/slowed it down for all of us to see. As seen in the fast sequence, if Jamie performs his drink special move when he is already at level 4 (the maximum drunk level), he will actually gain a full pip of Drive Gauge.

It’s certainly interesting because we haven’t really seen too many moves in Street Fighter 6 that manually build Drive Gauge without making contact.

By contrast, we see when Jamie initially reaches level 4 with a drink that the driving gauge doesn’t fill up at all. When already at level 4, however, we see an increase in the gauge for a raw drink and one added after a special move.

Being able to do this gives Jamie even more utility at level 4. While it’s not just his strongest form where he has access to all of his moves, he also has the ability to sacrifice damage and position for the Drive Gauge build – which is something that seems missing from other characters so far.

Considering the importance of Burnout in Street Fighter 6, Jamie’s unique technique is nice to have.

As we know, Jamie’s drinking mechanic works very similarly to G’s presidency in Street Fighter 5. He starts at level 0, and with each drink his level increases, as does his strength in the form of access to new movements.

If this Drive Gauge gain stays in the game at launch, it will no doubt lead to a playstyle for Level 4 Jamie that will see a heavier use of EX and Drive as he focuses on the counter catering with drinks. His attack at max level can end up being quite wild as a result.

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