Jeff Mauro talks the day cooking game for the whole family, dogs included

What do we need to know about pet cooking?

If you have a dog at home, or several dogs like me, your life tends to be governed by them. Usually, the way they communicate is with their cute little eyes. This stare happens a lot when I’m enjoying all my game day favorites while watching my favorite team in Chicago hopefully win on Sunday afternoon. I can’t pay attention because they’re staring at me.

You can also just give in and spoil them and let them indulge a little in the ‘house gate’, if desired…by making something out of food they already know and love. That’s why I partnered with Cesar and created great matches like the Seven Layers of this season [dip].

It is a filet mignon solid dog food. Then you get a layer of soft dog food, then another layer of hard, then another layer of mushy, and then dog caesar treats on top.

If you don’t win the game, you win that day because of your dogs. They will love you, and then next week you can repeat that. If you go to, there are plenty of other matching recipes inspired by some of your game-day favorites, like barbecue wings, nachos, and chili. You name it, it’s there for you, all using your existing dog food. It is a nice.

If you’re going to make this at home, should you worry about servings or giving it too much of a good thing?

You want to follow your vets recommended servings and what is written on the bag, while giving them the right amount of food.

but it [all about] How you cook it, how you combine the flavors to give them something new from what they already know. My only dog, Pinot G, will eat more or less [as you give him]. Whatever you give him, he will eat it. He will be very happy to chew the food.

My other dog, JoJo, will sniff it out and say, “It’s been three days in a row, young man. It’s time to turn things around. I’m bored with the choice. I need to see the other list. I need the secret list.” For dogs like that…this is an easy way to keep things fresh for them.

Why did you feel that Caesar was a brand you would do well with personally?

It is high quality dog ​​food, and they love to have fun. They focus on having fun and feeding your pets, like [with] Caesar this season seven layers [dip] And the best dishes I made with them were last season, when we were partners together. It’s a great family name that my dog ​​happens to love and eats every day. What is the best? I am a dog lover and love spoiling my dogs, so I give them the good stuff.

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