Katherine Heigl on the new Badlands Ranch dog food brand

When it comes to dog dinner time, Katherine Heigl emphasizes that different dogs require different nutrients. And she should know: she has many mouths that feed her, and she needs to look.

“I’m actually taking care of two Rottweiler puppies right now. So I have nine in the house,” she tells People about her growing pet brood. Heigl’s is a versatile pack, from a great Shepherd mix who needs nutritional reinforcements for poor hips to her younger, older dogs who can only eat wet food due to tooth loss.

In an effort to meet the different needs of her dogs, she Firefly Line The star, 43, has spent her time, energy and money hoping to meet the various health requirements of her pets. She tried to cook their food herself and buy luxury “human grade” dining plans. But Hegel needed an adequate comprehensive solution without sacrificing “as much healthy therapeutic nutrition as possible,” she said.

Taking matters into her own hands, the actress created Badlands Ranch, a luxury dog ​​food brand named after her family’s farm in Utah. When designing air-dried, single-ingredient food, I approached dogs’ health with the same holistic perspective as you view their wellness.

Heigl, who shares three children with husband Josh Kelly, says that over the years she has become “more and more aware of gut healing and nutrition, and the connection between our guts and our brains…and I thought, ‘Well, why is that?'” different? How different is it for our animals? ”

Courtesy Badlands Ranch

By partnering with an animal nutritionist, Heigl has been able to safely add healthy ingredients to her Badlands Ranch food. The formula contains chia seeds and flaxseeds for gut health, and they also make use of some of the more popular ‘trendy’ herbal supplements, like lion’s mane mushroom, which help the brain and immune system.

“People add it to their coffee, and they add it to their smoothies,” she explains of the plant-based modifiers found in food. “We can give the dog some extra help, too.”

Hegel stresses the importance of following her brand’s nutrition instructions in order to get the most practical and nutritious benefits.

“It’s just really rich and full of protein,” she explains. “So you don’t want to overeat because you don’t need it.” “And that’s its beauty too. The bag should last you a little longer.”

Courtesy Badlands Ranch

Badlands Ranch is Heigl’s first foray into animal activity. In 2008, the Emmy Award winner joined forces with her mother to found the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, named in memory of her late brother. The foundation provides and supports pet education, adoption, and health programs to combat widespread pet abuse — “a huge problem in our country for these pets,” Heigl says.

Since the foundation’s launch, the actress says she and her mother have been “spending” their own money stopping overcrowding in animals and pulling dogs out of killing shelters. Hegel is excited about the funding possibilities of having Badlands Ranch as the foundation’s official sponsor.

“Food is this beacon of hope for us financially to try to keep doing the work we do,” she explains. “A lot of that has to do with spay/neuter programmes, about moving animals from high-kill shelters to areas where they are easily adopted, and about providing medical care to those who need it.”

Courtesy Badlands Ranch

Badlands Ranch currently offers Superfood Complete Dog Food and Superfood Bites, but dog owners can look forward to more pet grooming products soon: Heigl hopes to include more comprehensive treatments in its upcoming superfood supplement expected later this year.

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Heigl, who can relate to the need for natural pressure reducers, says. “For me, personally, I use lemon balm or ashwagandha. So now I have to work with my pet food nutritionist and see which version of that we can use for animals.”

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