Keurig’s new SMART brewers deliver a mind-blowing amount of coffee beverages

If you’ve ever wondered if you need a smart coffee maker, Keurig’s new K-Café SMART coffee maker and upgraded mobile app might be the answer. The brewer uses the company’s BrewID technology and updated Keurig app to brew over 70 coffee drinks. Of course, you’ll still need the K-cup pod, but this model opens up new possibilities.

The K-Café can brew coffee in six sizes (2 and 4 ounce shots and 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounce cups) in five strengths. Cappuccino drinkers will appreciate the built-in three-speed milk frother. There’s also an ice brew setting for those craving an iced coffee in the middle of the day. The Keurig measures 12.7 by 11 by 12.1 inches, so the machine will fit nicely on a counter. The 60-ounce water reservoir should (depending on your household) last you a few mornings of coffee before you need to refill it.

Want more than basic coffee drinks? You will need the Keurig mobile app

The brewer is packed with tech like the company’s MultiStream technology, but you’ll need the app if you want to get the most out of this K-Cup. The company states that there are over 70 recipes in the app, some of which are exclusive to K-Café users. You can make most drinks in about three minutes. If you really want to get fancy, try Barista mode, which helps viewers brew fine coffees at home, no matter your level of expertise. The app even has a recommendation engine to help users find even more ways to drink coffee.

You can also use the app to make coffee while in bed (or anywhere) if there’s a pod in the infuser and water in the reservoir. It’s a cool feature and what smart coffee machines should be able to do. Of course, you can also use the app to keep yourself in the pods. If you order through the SMART Delivery program, you will receive a 25% discount on every order.

The K-Café SMART costs $250 and is currently only available from Keurig. It should hit stores later this year.

Expect! Keurig also announced the K-Supreme SMART

If you don’t want all the smarts of the K-Café SMART and don’t care so much about coffee shots and the milk frother, consider the K-Supreme SMART. The company also recently announced this model which costs less ($200), but still works with the Keurig mobile app, so you’ll still have access to all those coffee recipes and the company’s SMART Delivery program. It’s a bit smaller with a width of 7.87 inches instead of 11. The K-Supreme can brew single serve coffees in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounce portions.

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