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The Kindness Club is leading the food campaign

Posted at 4:54 pm Thursday, September 22, 2022

By Angela Kotterer

Elizabethton Star

Lacey Turbeville, Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Elizabethton/Carter County, is the driving force behind the Loaves & Fishes Outreach Ministry of Outreach catering campaign. She hopes that the children’s participation in such an event will help them empathize with others.

“It is important to teach children to help their community at an early age,” she said. “I asked the children who they wanted to help, and they said they wanted to help people who needed food.”

And they are.

Serena Miller, director of the Loaves & Fishes Outreach Department, said she would welcome the opportunity to work with the Kindness Club, especially since the outreach provides 250-300 hot meals four days a week for those who need them.

“We have to get really creative with our pasta, rice, and other fillers,” she said. “We make casseroles and soups, too.”

H&H Meat Market recently outfitted a cow that was donated for outreach, which brought much-needed meat to the menu. “We haven’t eaten meat in about six to eight months,” Miller said. “But I don’t eat. God supplies us every month, so I just wait.”

About 20 volunteers help Miller with cooking, sorting, browning hamburgers and other preparations needed to prepare many meals.

Miller said there aren’t many homeless people who eat these meals. “We have a few, but basically it’s just people who can’t have success with this inflation. Food costs a lot, as with everything else, and a lot of these people are very old and there are people who take care of their grandchildren. I really don’t know how people are going to do so.”

Three church groups—Southside Christian, a group of Presbyterian and Brown Chapel, and Methodist Church bring in three times a month—enough to feed everyone in one day. They used to be part of the “Feeding the Crowd” program that had to shut down due to COVID-19. Now church members cook for loaf and fish every month to keep serving the hungry.

Miller said she sees it as a blessing: “We always need donations,” she said. “And churches helping means a lot. The last month, for example, has been really hard and we’ve been trying to get rid of it, so every little bit helps us. You might think that when you donate a bag of groceries it’s not so much, but it might be just what the kid needs that day.”

This compassion for the welfare of others is what The Boys & Girls Club hopes to instill in its young members.

“The Kindness Club’s choice to help Loaves & Fishes comes from the hearts of children and is part of our core values,” said Charlene Ray, director of resources and development for the Boys and Girls Club of Elizabethton/Carter County. “We strive to do the right thing every day. We work effectively within and across teams, engaging and empowering others.

“We are responsible and accountable for all of our resources. We treat others with respect, express our gratitude, and are constantly working to improve ourselves and our organization.”

Loaves & Fishes Outreach is a service of Rivers Edge Church in Elizabethton. The department has been serving the Elizabethton and Carter County community since January 2018.

Visit them at 1200 Highway 19-E Bypass or call 423-543-4901.

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