Marea Bibi: Being thankful for the ‘big picture’

Last week I wrote about the seemingly small things I enjoy in my life, the things that, upon reflection, aren’t really small at all. It’s just part of the “big picture” of things, and I’m so grateful for my life.

That’s what I had in mind this morning as I sat writing at the dining room table, one of my favorite places to write. It was cold, and the furnace gave off heat, leaving the house warm and comfortable.

Through the large dining room windows to the west, I was able to enjoy a familiar view of parts of the backyard, the barn, and Pipi’s pasture—not just the physical scenes but those of the animals as well. It’s all part of the “big picture”.

I could make out the red and black bodies of the cows along the barn as they were eating the hay I had just put out. Although the view along the palisade is partially obscured by the elm trees that grow there, I can see some cow heads blowing hay and tasting leaves.

Also partially visible was the cows water tank as the tank heater had just been plugged in the day before. (Talk about being grateful—I was delighted to find water without ice this morning.)

Also featured this morning is the stock trailer for granddaughter Meghan. Over her 4-hour years, Megan has used the trailer to store and transport the show supplies she used when showing her sheep and cattle. It has been left out to the pasture since Megan moved to Alaska. Since then, the trailer has been used as a refuge for “barn cats” around Pepe’s pasture.

Somehow the cats get into the trailer where they stay warm, hide from raccoons and skunks, and raise kittens. Several adult cats spend time there, as well as six late summer kittens who were weaned and are now eating adult cat food.

The cats come into the house for the food, so I enjoy watching them cross the pasture from the trailer, crawl under the pasture gate, and very carefully make their way down a partially blocked path on their way home. If it’s sunny, the cats hang around the front porch; If it’s windy, they go back to the trailer. Sometimes cats are in a long line, one after another, kittens and adult cats together. Other times I am happy to watch some kittens jumping and running on the road.

Recently, the two have been joined by some other deer and five elk who have spent the summer in the backyard and elsewhere around Pipi’s Pasture. The two doe and young doe may have joined the others because of the cold weather, the hunting season, or the males’ interest in the females.

Anyway, I can see them traipsing through the snow to find fallen leaves. I noticed a man looking at the elm trees as if wondering how to get rid of some of the remaining leaves.

A couple of days ago, I heard at least one Robin chirping in the trees. I wondered about his story. I don’t think I’ve heard Robin in November before.

My view out the window is just one of the fun things in my life. I am very grateful.

happy thanks giving!

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