Medi-Cal delivers ready meals as part of a great healthcare experience

Every Friday, Frances De Los Santos waits for a shipment of healthy, prepared meals to land on her porch in Victorville, on the edge of the Mojave Desert. From the box, the 80-year-old retired property manager with stage 4 chronic kidney disease unpacks trays of frozen food she can reheat in the microwave. Her favorite is sweet and sour chicken.

In the three months since she started eating the personalized meals, De Los Santos has learned to manage her diabetes by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Two hours further south, in Indio, Vidal Fonseca is preparing for his third dialysis appointment of the week. He too struggles with kidney disease and diabetes. The 54-year-old former farm worker was released from hospital in November ordered to follow a strict diet, but he is making a mess in the kitchen and struggling to control his blood sugar. He does not receive prepared meals.

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