Meet the Diva Dog Who Only Drinks Bottled Water

Henry knows what he wants (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Henry the five-month-old French bulldog likes to enjoy the finer things in life.

The diva dog, who is owned by Lizzi Pallister, 29, has a number of daily requests, including bottled water above the tap variety.

Owner Lizzi believes the pooch first saw her young daughter drinking from a bottle and became obsessed with the idea.

Now Henry turns his nose up at the tap water and refuses even when Lizzi tries to refill the bottles – instead he insists she open a new one in front of him.

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Lizzi, from Exeter, admits she now spends around £40 a month on Henry’s picky water habit.

The dog’s owner said: ‘I have never met a dog like Henry before. He must be the center of attention, he is a 100% diva.

“Every morning when I put the tap water on the floor, he nudges it with his elbow and then sits down looking at me like ‘nice try – where’s my water bottle?

“I consume two packs of 12 bottles of water every week, it costs around £10 a week.” I have to run errands for the family and buy them bottles of water.

“I’ve tried putting tap water in bottles and he knows. He wants me to open the bottle in front of him, like he’s saying “I’m not a fool”.

“He’ll wait for me to put the bottle of water in it, then drink it.

“So not only does he have his own food, but he also has to have his own water.”

Henry with a bowl and a bottle of water

Bottled water only (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

Henry with his water bottle

He doesn’t have time for variety tap dancing (Photo: Kennedy News and Media)

But Henry’s demands don’t end there – he also refuses to climb stairs and sleep alone.

Additionally, he sometimes gives Lizzi the silent treatment by “turning his back” on her if she prevents him from sitting on his lap.

Lizzi adds, “It won’t work. I had to start carrying him up the stairs and he was waiting for me to take him back down.

‘Sitting on the sofa, he must be sitting with us. I was like “this dog is in need”.

“When we go for a walk, he stops and makes sure everyone takes care of him.”

Lizzi and Henry

Lizzi knows Henry is spoiled (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Lizzi admits she thinks Henry sees her daughter being “spoiled” and also wants the same treatment.

She continues: “I took him off my lap the other day because I had to do something and he had his back to me for about an hour.

“I bought him a dog bed and he refused to sleep on the dog bed, he will go to bed when I go.

“He got grumpy the other night because I didn’t want to let him up.

“Because he sees my daughter getting so spoiled, he wants to be spoiled too.”

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