Meez Meals hopes to up the ante on meal kit deliveries

Tucked away in a brick building opposite the Evanston Police Department headquarters on Elmwood Street is Meez Meals, a meal kit company founded by Jen Moore in 2011, before many traditional meal delivery services failed. appear on the scene.

Founder of Meez Meals Jen Moore Credit: Submitted

Moore, a working mother, said she founded Meez Meals – Meez for short – to help find the balance between convenient and healthy foods. She said she made cooking fun, quick and easy her mission.

“People planning meals in their homes face a very difficult choice between convenience and health,” says Scott Zuckerman, CEO of Meez. “They want to feel like they are doing something good for their family by cooking from A to Z but all the steps involved (planning meals, shopping, chopping, cleaning, etc.) make that almost impossible with a job. busy time. Meez Meals takes convenience as far as possible with cooking from scratch by making it as simple as possible. »

Representatives of Meez said they were different from competitors, as customers could customize the number of meals and servings without obligation. And they say Meez dinners only require 10-15 minutes of “hands-on” time, with about 30-40 minutes to cook. There is also a dinner hotline where customers can talk to a real person about how to prepare a dish.

“Each ingredient is cut, blended, pureed, etc., and placed in individual component bags that contain exactly what you need for the recipe, with no prep work on your part,” Zuckerman said.

The Meez team designs a new menu every week with at least 10 dishes to choose from, as well as sides, salads and desserts. Customers are asked to complete a profile upon registration with specific requirements such as gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free. The ingredients in each recipe are clearly defined to help guide customer choices. If a customer selects a recipe that contradicts an allergen or taste preference, an alert appears on the screen.

Bowl of Indian Grains with Mango Chili Sauce Credit: Submitted

Meez deliveries for local customers are made between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Mondays or Tuesdays and arrive cold in a reusable bin that can be picked up on the next delivery.

“With our big family and crazy schedule, Meez has saved us many times,” says Sharon Watrous, a mother of five. “It is also important to us that they are local and that they are the only pre-prepared catering service we use. We have been customers for years and will continue to be for many more. »

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