Melbourne chef set to take part in ‘Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages’

New York-born, Melbourne-based chef Billy Trudsoe is featured on Season 21 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ which premieres next week on FOX. A career executive chef and avid cook, Trudoe describes himself as a “religious follower of Gordon Ramsay for over 20 years” and said he was more than happy to join the show’s cast this season.

“It’s just such a surreal feeling,” he recalled when asked about meeting Ramsay for the first time. “I’ve always been, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. [To have] the Michael Jordan of culinary taste that my food was just was one of the greatest moments of my culinary career.

This season will feature a “Battle of the Ages” format that will pit the new school against the old school: the young chefs in their 20s from the red team will face the shrunken chefs in their 40s from the blue team.

Trudsoe, who competes with the “old school” band, described this season as “action-packed and epic.”

“There’s a huge amount of phenomenal characters entertaining everyone, including myself, of course,” he said. “This is just one of the seasons that I think will really stand out in the future of Hell’s Kitchen.”

At stake this season is a job as chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Paris Las Vegas. Each week, contestants will complete rigorous cooking challenges as they compete not only against the other team, but also against each other.

“When you’re in Hell’s Kitchen, you know, they always have you on your toes and there’s always something around the corner that you just don’t see happening,” Trudsoe said of the various challenges of this season.

Trudsoe is hosting a free watch party for the season premiere starting at 6 p.m. at the Melby Hotel (801 E. Strawbridge Ave. in Melbourne). You can meet Trudsoe, listen to music from DJ Chemics and watch the episode on a giant screen on the hotel’s roof. More information is available on the official Trudsoe website Those who want to follow Trudsoe’s “Hell’s Kitchen” journey can also follow him on Instagram at @btruesmadflava.

Although filming for the season has already wrapped, Trudsoe still can’t believe he got to participate in the series.

” I’m so happy. I’m just, I still can’t believe this happened. It’s almost like a dream to me.

Season 21 of “Hell’s Kitchen” premieres at 8 p.m. on September 29 on FOX, and will also premiere the following day on Hulu. More information can be found at

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