Memphis Craft Food and Wine Festival 2022: What to Expect

If you love good food, good times, and shopping, the June 5 Craft Food & Wine Festival should be on your calendar.

This Memphis festival celebrates local food artists and their delicious creations. Thirty-five vendors will gather to spend an afternoon tasting the columns at One Commerce Square in downtown Memphis.

Event founder Christina McCarter described the event as a “farmer’s market where you can sample everything.”

Guests will receive a small wooden cutting board that will serve as their personal cutting board at night. They are encouraged to place their specimens on a keepsake wooden board.

Volunteer Erin Williams at the market during the Craft Food & Wine Festival at The Columns Sunday evening, June 23, 2019. The Craft Food & Wine Festival has benefited the health of the church.

“Think of it as your chance to build your own taste palette with all of these local foods,” McCarter said. “And the board also comes with a hole to hold your wine glass.”

If you like something to taste, you can also buy it to bring home.

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