Meurens Natural: “We were the first to produce oat syrups that can be used to produce oat drinks” – vegconomist

Meurens Natural, a Belgian company specializing in clean label extracts made from oats and other cereals, offers organic ingredients for plant-based products and has therefore developed a range of protein-rich brands.

Tim Van de Gehuchte, International Sales & Marketing Manager at Meurens Natural, talks about the possible applications and how they contribute to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Who is Meurens Natural and what does the company represent?
Meurens Natural is a Belgian family business that transforms cereals and dried fruits into organic and natural ingredients for the food industry. Meurens Natural has been a pioneer in the organic field with the Sipal® brand for more than 30 years. Over the years, we have developed unique production know-how, 100% in line with the organic philosophy. We are the European specialist in cereal hydrolysis due to the uniqueness of our production process and the variety of raw materials that can be transformed. We were the first to produce oat syrups that can be used to produce oat drinks. Meurens Natural wants to contribute to a healthier diet and a healthier world by supplying the food industry with unrefined organic and natural products through an environmentally friendly production process.

Image courtesy of Meurens

What is SipaPro-Oat, the world’s first organic oat protein concentrate?
SipaPro-Oat is an organic oat protein concentrate that is an entirely sustainable protein source. It is a by-product of our all-natural, chemical-free production of oat syrups. SipaPro-Oat has a protein content of at least 56% and contains an average of 26.5% carbohydrates, including 15% fiber. It also contains 8.5% fat. SipaPro-Oat also has a good amino acid profile. It contains, in addition to lysine, relatively high amounts of essential amino acids compared to other cereals.

Why can SipaPro-Oat facilitate the creation of herbal products?
Due to its fairly neutral taste, it does not negatively impact the taste of food products like other vegetable protein sources do. It also has a good amino acid profile, making it an excellent source of protein.

range of Meurens products
Image courtesy of Meurens

In which plant products can SipaPro-Oat be used?
SipaPro-Oat can be used in a wide variety of applications, think cookies, dairy products, dairy alternatives, smoothies, bread, pasta, protein bars… It’s a very versatile ingredient!

Why is SipraPro-Oat a sustainable protein source?
This is due to the unique production process. We start our production process with cereals or flour. We add water and heat our mixture. It is then cooled to an acceptable temperature for the enzymes to carry out their hydrolysis. After hydrolysis, the soluble matter is separated from the insoluble. The soluble part goes through a stage of evaporation and concentration and finally leads to our oat syrups which can be used to formulate oat drinks among others.

The insoluble byproduct is high in protein and fiber. This lateral flow goes through an enrichment and drying step, which ultimately gives us our SipaPro-Oat Protein Concentrate. This process validates all side streams of our production and utilizes all components of oats, making our SipaPro-Oat a fully sustainable protein source.

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