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Texas now has more Fortune 500 corporate headquarters than any other state, with 53 headquarters in New York surpassing 51 and 50 in California, according to a press release from the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott credited the state for the state’s “business-friendly climate and skilled workforce”, with no corporate or individual income tax, easy access to global markets and a reasonable regulatory climate.

“Fortune 500 companies represent two-thirds of the nation’s gross domestic product with revenues of $16.1 trillion and employ 29.7 million people worldwide,” the press release states.

give room

Sixteen local students who participated in the Waco Great Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Development and Education Program last week were honored at the Carlin Bright Arboretum. They will receive scholarships totaling $84,000.

The largest scholarship recipient of $20,000 USD, Madison Lindell is a student at the University of La Vega who hopes to study Film and Media Arts at the University of Texas. Sponsors are First National Bank of Central Texas and Central Bank National Bank.

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Since 2010, students have received scholarships totaling $550,000.

dining halls

The Tribune-Herald recently reported that UnionBrands Eateries Texas LLC, parent of the Union Hall food court on Eighth Street and Franklin Avenue, will take its brand statewide, targeting mid-sized cities, starting with a location called Union Grove at 8100 Woodway Drive, which it hopes to open Next year.

The company recently announced plans to open another location, called Union Crossing, on East Central Avenue in Temple. The name honors Temple’s “rich railroad heritage,” according to a press release.

Occupying 8,000 square feet and accommodating nine vendors, Union Crossing will share an address with the Hawn Hotel building. Turner Behringer revitalizes the hotel, near the Arcadia Theater and the former Sears building, providing space for living units, restaurants and offices.

Construction Permit Report

Building permits issued in recent weeks include a $1 million work permit to rebuild at Providence Medical Center, 6901 Medical Parkway. Another $180,000 went to Baylor University to install awnings on the south end of McLean Stadium, according to a weekly newsletter from the local office of Associated General Contractors of America.

A $700,000 permit will allow modifications to the animal shelter at 2032 Circle Road. The Office of United General Contractors has published notices requesting bids for the construction of a courtyard at the shelter.


QuikTrip opened a second Waco-area store last week at North Loop 340 and Interstate 35 in Bellmead.

This is where the last cafeteria lobby in the area was demolished.

According to a press release, “The new QT store model is specifically created for areas with a large number of people who are also in reasonable proximity to the QT Distribution Center for access to fresh foods.”

QuikTrip also has a store on New Road, near Interstate 35.

100 years of Castillo restaurants

The Castillo family, associated with Tex-Mex and locally Italian food since 1922, is celebrating 100 years of Waco Restaurant operations.

The story began when Antonio Castillo Sr. became the sole owner of Texas Cafe on Elm Avenue and introduced a full menu of Tex-Mex, a rarity in 1922, according to an account given by Spanish Cen-Tex Chamber President Andrea Cosar.

Later came the Aztec Café, with the ballroom at the back. Then there was El Patio, which catered to demand for pizza fed from across the country stationed at James Connally Air Force Base in Waco. An Italian soldier with ties to the Chicago restaurant industry taught the Castillo family how to make the pizza, pasta, and lasagna they passed with the troops, according to a history provided by Kosar. El Patio became an Italian village in 1952.

The Castillo family opened other restaurants locally, including Italian Village 2, La Fiesta and finally Casa de Castillo at 4820 Sanger Ave.

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