Milk thistle can give a diving horse the edge

Much hands-on in regards to the family’s horses, the jeweler is the father of James Carolan, part-owner of Knife’s Edge – a Victorian junk “raised at about $15,000.”

Jeweler raced King Rex, who won the Ramornie at Grafton in 2005 among other open sprints, including city races. The King Rex is still strong and well cared for in the backyard ring, and Knife’s Edge carries the same colors.

James Carolan races Knife’s Edge partnered with Luke Morgan, the famous Tamworth horse-cutter who busted the gelding when he came north. But Morgan’s teaching commitments to horses were such that he didn’t have the time to train Knife’s Edge.

And so the six-year-old went to Gary Lunn’s in Dubbo, where the swimming facilities contributed to his present well-being. So is the strong involvement of The Jeweler, who brings out Knife’s Edge most afternoons for the finest milk thistle—described by some as a noxious weed but by others as a very beneficial herb.

Knife’s Edge in “best career shape”, blurb best bets. Good surfaces may have played a role, but swimming took me back to the time The Doc hung on his practice board in town.

I met him stalking a photo shoot of Lord Penn swimming in the Parramatta River. The doctor said he would accompany the horse to the water, for sludge, compared to the Thames in London. Due to a medical evaluation, The Doc was a late scratch but the chemist – in a wetsuit with the protection of a diving bell – escorted Lord Ben out into the dark. Both survived.


Knife’s Edge gets better at Gary Lunn’s swimming hole. Even after the recent rains, it looked more like an Olympic pool than the Parramatta River.

Sadly, The Chemist is long gone, but The Doc is now based in Queensland and would no doubt take a keen interest in today’s $150,000 Rosehill bush horse – another race that confirms the spread of wealth in the booming industry.

However, the main event on the East Coast is the $750.00 Zipping Classic in Caulfield. Is there a tip with a story? Well, Sound chases the third Zipping right after what appears to be a perfect setup; But he is 10 years old.

Look at Kukeracha. the story? Kukeracha smashed 59.5 kg at Newcastle’s final start when he came second to King Frankel, who got a lead outing at 51.5 kg.

stabilized with a knife edge.

“It’s been a great year for milk thistle,” the jeweler believes, a point Hot Horse Herbie would have emphasized.

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