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HYDERABAD: The year 2023 will be celebrated as the United Nations International Year of Millets. As farmers bring back the ancient crop as a less water-intensive alternative to rice: “Eat modern and healthy, eat what comes from the soil of the state,” are words that come from the Telangana Chiefs Association who is hosting a millet cooking challenge this week. The Indian Millet Research Institute/Nutrihub, in association with the Telangana Chefs Association, is offering this culinary challenge to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the millet space, especially among millennials. The kitchen challenge is aimed at all professionals and helps revive the heritage of grandmother’s recipes. We talk to organizers about the two-day challenge which is due to start on September 17.

“We encourage chefs, especially millennials, to come up with new age millet recipes. Part of the competition is also dedicated to reviving foods inherited from age-old grandma recipes,” says Bala Reddy, a researcher at the ICAR-Indian Institute. of Millets Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. Each participant will be judged on the name of the recipe, the use of the millets, the presentation of the plate, the creativity/innovation, the healthy ingredients used, the method of preparation, the taste of the product, the the hygiene of the cooking station and waste. This can also help them generate ideas to become future entrepreneurs.

We already have places that serve dosa, idli, vada and upma made from millet. We also have foxtail millet, a good substitute for rice, and ragi atta roti has been very popular lately. “Wherever possible, it is best to use millet-based foods that are readily available locally. Millet products, such as ragi cookies, ladoos, baked millet chips and puffed millet snacks are already gaining popularity. We should get to the point where all these millet products are widely available as snacks. It will reduce the carbon footprint, save water and help us stay healthy,” added Bala Reddy.

Dr. Dayakar Rao, CEO of IIMR, said: “We need more and more people, especially young people, to embrace healthy food choices. We need to make sure we create products and recipes that appeal to all age groups. We have created several culinary innovation platforms and received a great response. »

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