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Dressing dogs, perfuming them with perfume, painting their nails and feeding them home-cooked meals are just some of the ways Americans shower their dogs with extra TLC. These pampered pets can be found across the country, but some states have more pampered dogs than others, according to a new survey by Forbes Advisor.

We analyzed nine key metrics from a survey of 5,002 dog owners to determine when people spoil their dogs the most. Our survey also unlocked the most popular ways people give the VIP (very important) treat to dogs.

Top 5 countries where people spoil their dogs the most

1. New York

New York score: 44.95 out of 100

  • New York tops the list of countries with the most spoiled dogs.
  • 40% of New Yorkers said they spent more money on spoiling their dog than they did on spoiling their significant other, and more than half (55%) of respondents in New York said they spend more money on their dog’s health and grooming. do on their own.
  • 42% of New Yorkers regularly throw birthday parties for their dogs, and 25% said they pushed their dog in a stroller.
  • New Yorkers take their dogs’ wardrobes seriously: 59% have purchased their dog’s clothes and accessories, ranking second in the country for this metric.
  • New Yorkers also ranked second on our list for preparing homemade dog food regularly (38%) and 51% of New Yorkers said they’d asked their furry friend for a special treat at a restaurant.

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2. ca

California score: 41.25 out of 100

  • California ranks second in the list of states with the most spoiled dogs.
  • Californians were more likely than residents of any other state to treat their dogs to a special restaurant order, such as a Starbucks Puppuccino (56%).
  • Californians also ranked second in the nation for spending more money on their dogs’ health and grooming than they do on their own (53%) and tied with Georgians for second when it comes to carrying their pet when the dog doesn’t want to walk (51%).
  • Californians ranked third in the nation for pushing their canine companion in a stroller (19%) and regularly throwing birthday parties for their dogs (38%).

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3. Washington

Washington’s score: 40.05 out of 100

  • Our analysis found that Washingtonians don’t like leaving their four-legged friends behind when they go on a trip. More than half (52%) said they brought their dogs on vacation.
  • Washington residents were also the second most likely in the US to request special treatment for their food at a restaurant (54%).
  • Washington residents tied with New Yorkers for being the second most likely in the country to regularly prepare homemade food for their pets (38%).

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4. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania score: 39.4 out of 100

  • Pennsylvania ranked fourth on the list of states with the most spoiled dogs, with 64% of Pennsylvanians saying they have purchased their dog clothes and accessories.
  • Pennsylvania residents tied with residents of Virginia and Georgia for third most likely in the country to spend more money spoiling their dogs than spoiling their significant other (35%).

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5. New Jersey

New Jersey score: 39.2 out of 100

  • New Jerseyans are more likely than any other resident in the state (excluding New Yorkers) to push their dogs in strollers (22%) and to regularly throw dog birthday parties (40%).

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Below are 3 instances where people spoil their dogs the least

48. Wyoming

Wyoming’s score: 26.05

  • Wyoming residents are the least likely in the country to purchase their dog clothes and accessories, with only 31% saying their dog has a wardrobe.
  • Wyoming residents were also the third least likely in the nation to ask for their dogs special treat at a restaurant (26%) and tied with dog owners in North Carolina and Rhode Island as the third least likely to push their pup in a stroller (4%).
  • Dog owners in Wyoming also scored second lowest (tied with Kansas, Nevada and West Virginia) for hosting birthday parties for their dogs (16%).

49- Arkansas

Arkansas score: 24.95

  • With only 30% of Arkansans saying they brought their dogs on vacation, the state ranked second in terms of pampering dogs.
  • Only 25% of Arkansas residents said they had ordered special food for their dogs at a restaurant, ranking second in the nation in this category.

50. South Dakota

South Dakota’s score: 24.75

  • Our analysis found that South Dakota residents have the least spoiled dogs in the country. Residents were less likely in the nation to throw dog birthday parties (10%) and spend more money spoiling their dog than spoiling their significant other (17%).
  • South Dakotans also seem to think their canine companions do well with regular dog food—only 13% said they bring home dog food.
  • South Dakota residents were second most likely to spoil their dogs with clothing and accessories (33%).

Complete state rankings of spoiled dogs

The best ways to spoil dogs

Pet parents dig agile dogs. Buy fashion accessories For stylists Fido, the most popular pet dog shape was (45%).

  • Nearly one-third (32%) of our survey participants said their dogs contain a kit or two.
  • 17% said they had three to four times more in their dog’s wardrobe.
  • Some lucky dogs (12%) have five or more.
  • 4% of dog owners said they had 10 or more failed dog sets.

Millennials (50%) were most likely to say they bought their dog clothes and accessories, followed by Generation Z (46%) and Generation X (41%).

No one likes to be clothed with nowhere to go, so perhaps it’s no surprise that 43% of dog owners I embarked on vacation with their four friends.

But living the ‘top dog’ life can be stressful – 43% of respondents said they do They carried their dog When they don’t want to walk.

Buy special treats for dogs in restaurants—like the Starbucks Puppuccino—is another favorite way to spoil dogs (37%).

Other corrupting activities include:

  • Dog birthday parties. More than one in four dog owners (26%) regularly hold birthday parties for their dogs.
  • social media dog. Puppy parties are likely to provide great photos for the 12% who have created a social media account for their dogs. Gen Z participants were most likely to create a social media account for their dogs (15%), followed by millennials (14%) and generation X (8%).

Almost one in three dogs is spoiled more than the owner’s partner

Some dog owners (28%) said they spend more money spoiling their dog than they do spoiling their significant other. Women (30%) were more likely than men (22%) to say they spend more than their partner to spoil their dog.

Which of the following have I done? (select all that apply)

paying off: Dog Shame: Eat a List of Bad Things from Dog Oddities

Rover Royalty: Dog owners often put the dog’s needs first

For some dog owners, spoiling their mutations means giving them the alpha canine treatment when it comes to hygiene and nutrition.

More than a third (39%) of respondents said they spend more money on their dog’s health and grooming than they would on their own.

This level of care extends to meals as well:

  • 19% care more about what’s in their dog’s food than they do about the ingredients in their food.
  • More than half (55%) said they watch what their dogs eat as much as they supervise their diets.
  • Almost a quarter (24%) regularly prepare homemade dog food.

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He waved a claw for the camera

Including their dogs in video meet-and-greets, offering spa services and checking them in with groomer cams are some of the common ways respondents treat their dogs as part of the family.

  • Dogs in video calls: More than half (51%) of dog owners had people greet their dogs on video calls and 68% took family photos with their dogs. Generation Z (63%) was most likely to include their dogs in video calls, followed by Millennials (55%).
  • pet cameras: Another way pet parents nurse their dogs is by observing them from afar. 19% have purchased a pet cam or groomer cam so they can check up on their dog while away from home. Millennials were most likely to buy a pet cam or nanny cam to check on their dog (24%), followed by Generation Z (23%).
  • Spa care: Some dog owners pamper their pets by painting their dogs’ nails (19%) and applying perfume or cologne to them (18%).

Which of the following have I done?

How much does it cost to own a dog?

While the love of a dog is priceless, the cost of owning one is not. Surveyed dog owners reported spending an average of about $730 per year on their dogs. But 41% said they spend between $500 and $1,999 per year on their dogs and 8% said they spend more than $2,000. More than a third (36%) said they spend $200 to $499 annually on their dogs.

How much do you spend on your dog each year?

Top dog costs: food, vets, and toys

Dog owners said they spend the most money on:

  1. dog food (47%).
  2. Veterinary bills/vaccinations (28%)
  3. Treats or toys (10%)

What do you spend the most money on when it comes to your dog? (Choose the answer that works best for you.)

Tame vet bills

Veterinary bills and vaccinations ranked second among dog-related expenses. Unfortunately, no amount of pampering can prevent a dog from getting sick or injured. If you don’t want a surprise vet bill to take a chunk out of your budget, consider pet insurance as a financial precaution.

Pet insurance can cover accidents and illnesses, such as a torn ligament, swallowing something, or a serious condition such as cancer. It can also help defray the expense of your dog’s annual medical exams and vaccinations if you add a routine wellness plan to your pet insurance policy.

A Forbes Advisor analysis found that pet insurance for a dog costs an average of $35 per month. This might be a worthwhile expenditure if you can’t afford to pay a large vet bill out of pocket.

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This online survey of 5,002 American adults (at least 100 in each state) who own dogs was commissioned by Forbes Advisor and conducted by market research firm OnePoll, in accordance with the Market Research Association’s Code of Conduct. Data were collected from July 29 to August 5, 2022. The margin of error was +/- 2.2 points with a confidence level of 95%. This survey was moderated by the OnePoll research team, which is a member of MRS and has corporate membership in the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). For a complete survey methodology, including geographic and demographic sample sizes, contact [email protected]

We scored each state based on these factors:

  • I spend more money on my dog’s health and grooming than I do on my own: 20% of the outcome
  • I spent more money spoiling my dog ​​than spoiling my significant other: 20% of the score
  • Bring my dog ​​on vacation: 15% of the score
  • Dog food prepared regularly at home: 15% of the score
  • Birthday parties are held regularly for my dogs: 10% of the score
  • I bought my dog’s clothes and accessories: 5% of the score
  • I held my dogs when they didn’t want to walk: 5% of the score
  • I ordered my dog ​​a special treat at a restaurant like Starbucks’ Puppuccino: 5% of the score
  • Pushing my dog ​​in a stroller: 5% of the score

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